Mathnasium in Canada

Apr 7, 2021 | Summerside

Canadian schools are facing a problem with their math classes. "When the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development released its international student achievement rankings in December showing Canada had slipped to 13th place in math, it prompted much hand-wringing about the dire need for more math in our public schools."

Maclean's website put it just right when they said, "Judging by the steady downhill slide in Canadian math scores, it’s natural to assume that our schools might be suffering from a lack of math."

So how can we help our Canadian Math students? Teaching math in a public school is already a tall order. Teachers have a room full of students, all of them at different levels. It's hard to keep attention with a room full of students, let alone, actually learn difficult math concepts. 

As parents, is there anything we can do to help our kids learn math? There sure is. And we're so glad you asked :)

At Mathnasium of Summerside, we have a completely different approach to teaching math to our students. We've learned that math success begins to grow under certain, time-tested conditions. Conditions like:

Teaching for understanding We don't just want memorization or quick, easy answers. We want real, measurable understanding so future math concepts can be learned easier. 

Teaching at the right pace  We never rush and never pressure our students. We never make them feel like they have a deadline in which to learn a concept. We know that students learn best in a relaxed atmosphere where they are comfortable enough to ask questions.

Individual tutoring experience  Thankfully, we aren't sitting in a classroom with 20(+) kids. (And each of those 20+ kids is at a different level of math understanding.) We tutor our students in a direct, focused way. This minimizes distractions and allows for much better results. 

Speaking of results, did you know that 94% of parents report an improvement in their child’s math skills and understanding? Those are the kind of results parents want to see. Bring your student into Mathnasium of Summerside and watch their math experience develop- this time trending in the right direction. :)