Got some missing pieces in your math understanding?

May 3, 2021 | Summerside

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Does your child have a few gaps in their math foundation? Maybe Algebra came easily to your student but they never quite got the hang of Geometry. Those math gaps can cause serious problems for your student! Since math is a buildable subject (one concept leads to another), math gaps can make or break a child's success. After all, how can we expect a child who never understood multiplication to make sense of division? 

Math Geek Mama says, "Math is relentlessly sequential. New math concepts and skills are built on previously-learned concepts. And though you may be able to get by for a while with gaps in your math learning, eventually, you're going to hit a wall. And it will be nothing but frustration from then on."

At Mathnasium of Summerside, we know the problems that come with math gaps. We also know how to fix them. Mathnasium offers an effective remedy for those pesky math gaps.... and it starts with our patented Mathnasium method assessment. 

When your child begins their journey at Mathnasium, they will be given a comprehensive math assessment designed to reveal any and all gaps in their math understanding. This process ensures that our math tutors spend time on what your student needs to learn, and no time wasted on concepts they already understand. Sounds effective? Well yes, it is! 

When your child's math gaps begin to be filled, something amazing happens. Confidence blooms and math becomes fascinating. Our Mathnasium tutors are great at replacing math anxiety and discouragement with a growth mindset. 

A recent article published in the Heinemann blog  states, "Mathematical confidence reflects a growth mindset and includes a willingness to persevere, a positive attitude towards mistakes, a willingness to take risks, and self-reliance." 

One parent noted the change that filling in math gaps made for her child. She says, "Our daughter is gaining confidence every day. Her math teacher told us that she is taking the time to think out problems and is not afraid to answer when called upon. We have seen it also. Thank you for helping her to thrive and grow in her math skills."

When math gaps are filled, the fear and frustration melt away, and the interest and confidence grow.  "... Math isn't a task anymore, but a fun challenge." - Mathnasium Student

The math tutors at Mathnasium of Summerside are ready to fill in the gaps for your child's math foundation.