The Importance of Algebra in Your Child's Academics and Their Future

May 4, 2021 | Summerside

Did you know that most careers in different industries today require a high level of understanding of algebra? It is considered a foundation that should be mastered if you want to see a future in computer science, medicine, and other fields. If your child is in high school, mastering algebra can get them on the right track for college, too.

In this post, Mathnasium Tutoring shares with you the reasons your child needs to learn algebra and how they can develop the skills for it:

Algebra is the Foundation of Higher-Level Math

Before learning geometry, trigonometry, or calculus, they first need to understand the algebra concepts. It is because algebra is considered a prerequisite for all that higher-level math a student will have to study in high school.

Mastering Algebra Can Help Them Land the College They’re Eyeing

Students who get good grades and take high-quality math in high school tend to declare STEM majors in high school. That means if your child is looking forward to a career in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, they better master their algebra skills as early as now.

When Should Your Child Take Algebra I?

Algebra I is often taken in either the eighth or the ninth grade. You might want to consider having your child take it in the eighth grade so that they can take the PSAT as a sophomore and take geometry as a ninth-grader. Then when they’re ready for either the ACT or the SAT the following year, they’ll have completed Algebra II, which will make it easier for your child to nail the college admission tests.

You might want to consider discussing your plan with your child’s teacher to see if they recommend an advanced class. Remember, though, that the goal is for your child to master algebra and not to "get it over with."

How Do You Know Your Child is On the Right Track?

You can always request your child’s math teacher at every grade level to discuss with you or write down math expectations for that particular year. This way, you’ll know if your child is learning what they are supposed to at their level.

Homework Matters

You can learn a lot about your child’s math instruction and their progress from the homework they’re given. For instance, you might want to check if the assignment given is context-rich and if they require some analytical thinking.

Math homework is supposed to be challenging. That’s the only way your child can develop algebra skills. If their homework is too easy for them and they’re not being challenged, their problem-solving skills could regress.

Don’t hesitate to be involved with your child’s education. After all, you and your child’s teachers should be partners in honing your child’s skills and intelligence. There’s nothing wrong with finding out about their curriculum and learning about their approach.


Algebra plays a big part in your child’s academic learning, and it should be taken seriously. However, you should make sure that you encourage learning and not pressure the student. After all, you want them to understand and master algebra for their future.

If you want your child not only to understand math concepts but develop a love for them, you should consider enrolling them for maths coaching in a reputable math-only learning center. They can be assigned a specially trained math tutor, and they can learn math in a fun and encouraging environment.

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