Math Momentum: Give Your Child an Edge in Math

Mar 2, 2022 | Summerside


Does your child need help finding the swing of things in their math class? We've got the answer! Mathnasium of Summerside has a proven track record of helping kids build real math skills - giving them the confidence and momentum to soar through their classes!

When a child first comes to Mathnasium, they are often frustrated and embarrassed about not understanding math. Some students and parents have said things like:

"I came in scared to talk about math and terrified of panicking if I saw a problem I didn't know how to solve." - N. Z. N.

"My daughter was having difficulties understanding some math concepts and it became challenging for her to even ask questions." - S.L.

The good news is that Mathnasium can change that fear and confusion. When a child begins studying with us, we teach them math in a way that makes sense to them individually. (There are lots of different styles of learning, and Mathnasium is great at using them all.) We also cater to the pace your child needs. Some kids move fast through fractions, others need lots of time. 

Then comes the best part!! When a child has worked hard and mastered a difficult concept, that child experiences a burst of confidence... we call it math momentum. This experience teaches your child that they can learn hard things, and that they can overcome problems that, at first sight, seemed insurmountable. Sounds like a good life skill, right?

We would love to help your student find their math momentum! Come visit us today at 5233 Ellerslie Road SW Edmonton AB . You can meet our Director, Asif Kazani, and get started on a custom learning plan for your child. for a Free Assessment or Free Trial Session.