Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.

Cathy Stang

Centre Owner/Director
Cathy and her husband Michael are the Centre Owners and Directors at Mathnasium of SW Calgary. Cathy is an Early Years educator with over 25 years teaching experience. She taught Pre-school for 7 years in Canada before moving to the Middle East with her family. Living overseas gave her the opportunity to teach Pre-school and Kindergarden following the British and International curriculums. During this enriching teaching experience she developed a wide variety of strategies to help foster the love of learning in young children. Cathy recognizes the Mathnasium method as an excellent approach to develop math proficiency in a fun and encouraging way for children. Cathy is an impassioned educator believing each child learns in "their own way" and the Mathnasium method "helps make Math make sense" to them. She feels working with children on their respective Mathnasium learning plans is the best teaching position to be involved in because of being able to teach children one on one, at THEIR level, at THEIR pace and she is part of the "Ah-Haa" moments that occur everyday! Cathy and Michael have two grown children (Alex and Paige) who are both university graduates. In her spare time Cathy enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering for her favorite charity KCCFA, staying active by going to the gym and hiking in the mountains with Michael.

Paige Stallard

Lead Instructor
Paige is a dynamic and extremely motivational personality determined to instill the love of math in Mathletes enrolled in the Math Learning Centre. Paige is a firm believer that a healthy life equals a healthy mind! She received her Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree and Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Calgary in December 2014. From a young age, Paige has always taken an interest in health, fitness and of course MATH! After many nights and many debates over the kitchen table with her mathematician father, Paige finally started to have those "I GET IT!" moments and she can't wait to help your kids do the same. Paige has a natural way of working with children and she is extremely passionate about helping math make sense to others and inspiring kids to reach their full potential. Aside from making your child want to do backflips about math, Paige enjoys CRAZY gym workouts, hiking, camping, various sports and travelling! Paige's drive, organization, motivation and overall enthusiasm about life and learning certainly makes her a vibrant addition to the team at Mathnasium of SW Calgary.

Olivia Gyorffy

Olivia is currently a student at the University of Calgary, pursuing a double degree in General Mathematics and Education, with a desire to become a math teacher. As an individual who has always enjoyed and succeeded in math, she sees the value in learning these skills, and tries to help others do the same. Olivia understands that everyone has the potential to succeed in and to enjoy math, they just need to find a learning style that works best for them. She believes that Mathnasium is a perfect place for students to discover their learning style, be more comfortable solving problems, as well as learning new concepts, while developing a love for math. Her passion for teaching and childcare has come from her experiences working as a Counsellor at a summer camp, which she attends every summer. From there, she has been able to work with many different children and has learned how to relate to all age groups so they can thrive as individuals. In her spare time, Olivia enjoys hiking, camping, and spending time with friends. With her positive and caring attitude, Olivia is determined to help students succeed and understand math at Mathnasium of SW Calgary.

Callum Bates

Callum is a successful high school graduate who plans to begin post-secondary education in 2022, with a focus on mathematics and pedagogy. He is a passionate and engaging instructor who loves working with children, and he has a knack for helping others develop their understanding of math and bring forth a passion and love for the subject. Callum’s fascination with math began in his first year of high school; an enthusiastic teacher exposed him to the incredible depth and richness of math, and this created a spark within Callum that remains burning bright to this day. As well as igniting his love for math, this experience demonstrated the immeasurable importance of teaching to Callum. Up until that fateful first year of high school, Callum had been neither successful nor interested in math. However, just one semester with a passionate teacher was enough for him to undergo a transformative experience that truly shaped not only his view, but also his success in math. For the remainder of Callum’s time in high school, he was consistently at the top of his class and had a very strong understanding of the concepts being taught, something which remains to this day. Callum joined the team of instructors at the Math Learning Center of SW Calgary in hopes to inspire the same love and passion for math that was sparked within himself in that first year of high school. He is incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity and is excited to take on his new role.

Simoun Talion

Simoun is a student at the University of Calgary, about to graduate with a degree in Physics and Astrophysics. He has regularly hung out at PASA, the Physics and Astronomy Club at the university, studying away, solving difficult Physics problems with his peers. Simoun has a calm and easygoing personality. His love for Math and Science run deep, ever since he was a child, from being astounded after learning that everything is made of atoms, to spending hours watching videos about them on YouTube, such as Vsauce and Numberphile. As a child, he had always been enamoured with the idea of passing knowledge to future generations. After receiving a position as a Teacher Assistant for an Electromagnetism and Thermodynamics course during the summer, a passion for teaching has been ignited. To Simoun, math problems are just puzzles. A game where the steps to solving it are the lessons that are taught in math class. He believes that when Mathematics is taught wrong, then children will grow to despise it instead of appreciating its rich complexities. This passion for teaching and this puzzle-solving mentality are some of the reasons why he sought to join the Mathnasium of SW Calgary Team of Instructors. His life goal is to eventually obtain a PhD in Physics and become a Professor. He is fluent in both English and Tagalog. In his spare time, Simoun enjoys drawing art, playing games, and reading manga. He is honoured to be an instructor at the Math Learning Centre of SW Calgary.

Nasreldin Khamis

Pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a Finance major and a French minor, Nas loves the concept of infinity. In calculus, he thought it was remarkable figuring out derivatives whose volume was fixed but the surface area was infinite. The works of Newton and Leibrinz are in his perspective, rather august. Nas thinks math is great in the early years but believes the real treasures lie beyond high school. Algebra, Trigonometry, Logarithms and many more concepts provide the basis for understanding genius works of the 18th century. The day his professor showed his class a common error with limits, he remarked; "unfortunately, the universe doesn't work that way". This solidified the idea for Nas that a common way to explaining what's going on with the universe, not just our world, but the entire universe, lies in mathematics. Nas is thrilled to be joining the team of Instructors at the Math Learning Centre of SW Calgary.

Ben Duncalf

Ben is an undergraduate student at the University of Calgary at the Haskayne School of Business where he is taking a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. As a former student of Mathnasium, Ben grew up with a love for math. He enjoys how math demands critical thinking and how math builds logical thinking skills. He strongly believes that deeper understanding is gained when we can make principle-based decisions rather than rule-based ones. In his free time Ben loves climbing, mountaineering and skiing in the Rocky Mountains. Ben is honored to be joining the team of skilled math instructors at the Math Learning Centre of SW Calgary.

Tanvir Ahmed

Tanvir a second year Computer Science student at the University of Calgary, with a passion for coding and a desire to pursue a career in computer science. He is highly motivated to learn and is always looking for opportunities to enhance his skills and knowledge. Outside of academics, Tanvir enjoys playing soccer, working out at the gym and travelling to different parts of the world. He enjoys exploring new cultures, trying different cuisines, and meeting new people. Tanvir believes that experiencing different perspectives in life is essential to becoming a well-rounded individual and developing a better understanding of the world. Tanvir is extremely excited about the future and working as a member of the instruction team at Mathnasium of SW Calgary!

Smitkumar Saraiya

Smit is currently in his second year of a Computer Science Degree Program at the University of Calgary. He has loved computers ever since he was able to “open up” and badly put back together anything with a circuit board in it. Smit studied most of his early education in Botswana where he completed his primary and secondary schooling under the Cambridge School System. He has always had a keen love for mathematics, modern computer technology and physics which brings “order” among chaos that he credits math and computer science with accomplishing. Outside of academics, Smit consumes a great deal of on-line media where he tries to learn new pursuits to sharpen his skills and studies. Eventually, Smit would like to work in the field of Physics, Quantum Computing or perhaps some Combat Sports. Additionally, he would like to try building his own customized car, retire his parents to India and build a simple life with his brother upon retiring after years of hard work. Smit is extremely happy to be joining the Team of Instructors at Mathnasium of SW Calgary.

Farhan Ali

Farhan is a second-year undergraduate student studying Computer Science at the University of Calgary. From a young age, he was curious about how computers worked and how they can be used to solve complex problems in a wide range of domains, from finance to healthcare to entertainment. Farhan has always enjoyed doing maths and as he went more in-depth pertaining to the subject through his computer science coursework. Farhan soon realized that a deep understanding of mathematical concepts can be applied to solve real-world problems. Therefore, as an instructor, Farhan is excited to have the opportunity to share this knowledge with students and help them build the same confidence and problem-solving skills that he has developed. Outside of academics, Farhan likes to play sports, especially soccer, and cricket and enjoys watching movies or reading books during his downtime. Farhan is excited to join the team of skilled math instructors at the Math Learning Centre of SW Calgary!

Makeda Harris Morris

Makeda is a third year Computer Science student at the University of Calgary with an interest in databases and user interaction design. She has enjoyed maths since she was a child and always loves to explain concepts to her peers when they ask for help. Her love for math continued into her teenage years where she completed iGCSE and AS Level mathematics examinations as well as AP mathematics examinations and continued to take mathematics courses at university. Her maths teachers always tried to make the subject as engaging as possible, moving past the theory into practical examples and showing her the presence of maths in her everyday life. Makeda is thrilled to have started working at the Math Centre of SW Calgary to share this inspiration with her students and help them embrace the challenge and logic of mathematical concepts.

Fardin Sharaf Samin

Fardin Sharaf Samin, a second-year international student at University of Calgary is chasing his childhood ambition of becoming a Mechanical Engineer. Fardin has always been interested in the beauty of numbers since when he learned how to do basic addition. He completed his “O” and “A” Level Exams from Maple leaf International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh and achieved the Edexcel as well as Pearson Awards for his outstanding grades. Ever since then he continued to run along the path of bigger opportunities which brings him here in Calgary, Canada. Fardin had several teaching experiences back in Bangladesh and worked as a teaching assistant with some of the more renowned high school educational centres which makes him feel extremely happy to be included to the Mathnasium team of instructors. He is highly passionate about sports like badminton and enjoys learning about machines and uranology. Fardin loves to teach children as it helps him to grow and learn how a simple math problem can be solved in different ways. Working at the Mathnasium Learning Centre of SW Calgary is surely an enriching experience for him.

Meet Kachhadia

Meet Kachhadia is a dedicated graduate student pursuing a Master's Degree at the University of Calgary. His profound passion for mathematics and its surrounding disciplines fuels his academic journey. Beyond the confines of academia, Meet is a multifaceted individual with a creative flair. His hobbies encompass painting and sketching, where he brings his artistic visions to life. Recently, he has ventured into the captivating realms of photography and videography, capturing the world through his lens. Meet is not only an academic achiever but also a critical thinker. His remarkable feat of ranking among the top 0.1% in the notoriously challenging IIT JEE exam, a gateway to India's premier Engineering Colleges, is a testament to his intellectual prowess. His educational roots trace back to Gujarat, where his thirst for knowledge was nurtured. Throughout his school years, Meet's leadership qualities shone brightly as he was repeatedly elected as the class representative, a role he embraced with enthusiasm. His inquisitive nature led him to question the inner workings of the world around him, embodying a philosophy of curiosity and exploration. In addition to his academic and intellectual pursuits, Meet possesses artistic talents, excelling in caricature and origami. He finds solace in the harmonious melodies of classical and indie music, a testament to his diverse interests. Meet's commitment to excellence extends to his achievements, securing a place among the top 200 students in his class 12 board examinations. Meet Kachhadia's journey is a captivating narrative of academic excellence, artistic expression, and a relentless quest for understanding the intricacies of life. Meet is thrilled to be joining the team of instructors at the Math Learning Centre of SW Calgary.

Harsh Thummar

Harsh Thummar is a dedicated graduate student currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Software Engineering at the University of Calgary. His academic journey has been marked by a profound passion for mathematics, a subject that has captivated his interest since childhood. He has consistently demonstrated my mathematical prowess, achieved high scores, and earned medals and certificates at prestigious events like the UCMAS Mathematics International Event and Mathematics Olympiad during his high school. His strong foundation in mathematics and engineering algorithms played a pivotal role in securing admission to one of Canada's top institutions. He believes that mathematics is a powerful tool for unraveling complex natural problems, and he is deeply committed to contributing to its advancement. He is excited about the opportunities to make a positive impact on the field and inspire the next generation of mathematical enthusiasts. His dedication, academic excellence, and commitment to teaching set him on a path to contribute meaningfully to the world of mathematics and beyond. In addition to his passion for mathematics, he has a keen interest in exploring the realms of astronomy and physics. These fields intrigue him with their profound mysteries and potential for unlocking the secrets of the universe. During his leisure time, he like to go camping, climbing as well as watching science fiction films and tv shows along with reading Mangas. Harsh considers himself fortunate and is extremely happy to be a member of the team of instructors at Mathnasium of SW Calgary.

Dishant Savani

Dishant Savani is a curious and ambitious individual, currently pursuing a Master's Degree at the University of Calgary. With a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and an impressive CGPA of 9.01, Dishant has established himself as a diligent and accomplished scholar in the field. Dishant's academic journey has been nothing short of exemplary, and his commitment to learning and academic excellence is a testament to his passion for engineering. His time as a graduate student at the University of Calgary has not only broadened his horizons but has also given him valuable insights into the world of civil engineering, paving the way for a promising future in the field. Beyond his academic pursuits, Dishant's interests are as diverse as they are engaging. He finds inspiration in exploring new places, fueling his sense of adventure and love for diverse cultures. Whether it's hiking in the breathtaking landscapes of Canada or indulging in culinary escapades, his passion for exploration knows no bounds. Dishant also enjoys the art of cooking, experimenting with new recipes and flavors, which serves as both a creative outlet and a source of delight for those around him. While Dishant is currently based in the vibrant city of Calgary, he hails from the culturally rich and diverse country of India. This international background has enriched his perspective and cultivated a deep appreciation for global perspectives and cross-cultural experiences. As Dishant Savani continues his academic journey and personal explorations, he remains a testament to the power of curiosity, education, and the pursuit of dreams. With a vision that extends across borders and a love for knowledge and adventure, Dishant is poised to make a significant impact in the world of civil engineering, all while savoring life's multifaceted joys. Dishant is thrilled to be joining the team of instructors at Mathnasium of SW Calgary.

Dominion Onyejiaka

Dominion is an undergraduate student at the University of Calgary currently pursing a degree in Actuarial Science and a minor in Business Management. He is a dedicated math enthusiast with a deep passion for unraveling the intricacies of mathematics and making them accessible to students. Dominion believes in fostering a positive and inclusive environment where students feel encouraged to ask questions, explore mathematical problems and develop problem-solving skills that extend beyond the classroom. Overall, as he continues to expand and explore a wide array of knowledge in actuarial science and business finance, the unique blend of mathematics and real-world applications has further made his mathematical journey most complete and has been the engine that drives him to inspire students and individuals at large to embrace the beauty of math. Dominion is very excited to be joining the excellent team of instructors at Mathnasium of SW Calgary.

Nimil Modi

Nimil is a very focussed student pursuing a Masters of Engineering in Mechanical and Manufacturing Degree at University of Calgary. Since his school days, he has always been curious about solving complex Mathematics problems. His curiosity in Mathematics has encouraged him to become a Mechanical Engineer in his home country of India where he used to face complex problems in his daily life. He not only possesses good knowledge in the subject, but he also has a passion of teaching students. He makes sure that students understand the complex topics with ease. He believes that no subject is boring, it is the teachers responsibility to make it interesting. Nimil loves the Mathnasium way of teaching, and he is honored to be a part of such a talented team of instructors at Mathnasium of SW Calgary. He is looking forward to working with the future mathematicians at the Math Centre.

Ayan Roy

Currently pursuing MEng in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering with a specialization in Petroleum Engineering at University of Calgary, Ayan has a very keen interest in various fields of mathematics. He believes that knowledge increases as you pass it on to another person. With this belief Ayan has developed a strong passion towards teaching and he is one of the fellow tutors at Mathnasium of SW Calgary. His teaching methodology is slightly different from the conventional teaching style. He never forces the student to come up with a right answer, but his teaching style ensures that the student is aware of the steps that are taken to solve a mathematical problem. Ayan tends to relate the problems of Maths to real world scenarios, as it helps the student to gain interest in the subject. Ayan has also done a 3-month teaching internship in India, where he used to teach mathematics to students from grade 5 to grade 10. He has attained his Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering from VIT Vellore, one of the top universities in India. Ayan's favorite pastime hobby is either singing or listening to some retro Bollywood songs, he also loves to play video games. He feels very grateful to be the part of Mathnasium of SW Calgary’s team of instructors. He makes sure that every student who comes to the Math Centre should be treated equally and he never fails to give his maximum effort to every student. He is very excited and looking forward to helping the upcoming geniuses to excel in the world of mathematics.

Debistuti Kundu

A remarkable math tutor based in the vibrant city of Calgary, Canada. Hailing from the culturally rich and picturesque landscapes of India a land where mathematics has deep roots and profound significance. Debistuti brings a unique blend of mathematical prowess and an unyielding commitment to making learning a delightful journey. Currently, she is in her first year, pursuing her Master of Engineering (MEng) in Geomatics Engineering at the prestigious University of Calgary, a testament to her ongoing dedication to academic excellence. Debistuti's academic journey is an indication of her exceptional capabilities. She secured distinctions in her 10th and 12th-grade exams in India and earned an impressive 8.8/10 CGPA in her Bachelor of Engineering degree from one of the top Universities in India, showcasing her unwavering commitment to excellence. She has a burning desire to make a lasting impact in the field of Geomatics Engineering. She aspires to contribute significantly to the development of satellite image processing and environmental risk analysis, leaving her mark on the world of Geoinformatics. Her love for mathematics is not a mere coincidence; it was woven into the fabric of her life from a tender age. Her father, a dedicated high school headmaster who had a profound passion for mathematics, was her guiding light. He not only instilled in her a love for the subject but also nurtured her understanding of its beauty. Following in his footsteps, she honed her skills and developed a unique approach to tutoring. This approach is not just about imparting knowledge but also igniting the spark of curiosity and making learning an exciting adventure. In India, Debistuti served as a home tutor, touching the lives of students with a diverse range of ages, from as young as 6 to students close to her own age. Her ability to connect with students of all ages and make complex concepts accessible has always been her forte. Now, Debistuti is excited to embark on a new journey with the Team of Instructors at Mathnasium of SW Calgary, where she is wholeheartedly committed to the cause of making mathematics enjoyable and approachable for everyone.

Allwyn D'souza

Allwyn, with a Bachelors Degree in Engineering and a Masters in Finance is currently pursuing MBA at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary. He has 10 years of industry experience. His experience has taught him that Math is the foundation to developing good analytical skills which can help in all walks of life. Math might feel daunting in the beginning, but once you understand its workings, it is as much fun as solving a puzzle. Allwyn wanted to use his passion for math to help kids build a strong foundation, which led him to Mathnasium of SW Calgary where he is delighted to now be a part of the superb team of instructors. Allwyn likes to go on treks, follow developments in science, and play cricket.

Vaidik Patel

Vaidik is a dedicated and passionate mathematics tutor, with a strong academic background, currently pursuing a Masters in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering in University of Calgary. Vaidik's pursuit of a Masters in this field demonstrates a solid foundation in mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills. Vaidik has excelled in mathematics since his childhood, consistently ranking as a topper. His exceptional mathematical abilities are further enhanced by the influence of his mother, an Engineering mathematics Professor in India, who played a pivotal role in shaping his skills. Vaidik has achieved outstanding grades not only in high school-level mathematics but also in the challenging field of Engineering Mathematics. With his passion for teaching and deep understanding of the subject, Vaidik is well-equipped to help students master the world of mathematics. Furthermore, Vaidik's experience as a Teaching Assistant and Grader for mathematics subjects at the prestigious Pandit Deendayal Energy University showcases his expertise and ability to impart mathematical knowledge effectively. Vaidik has a great appreciation for the teaching approach utilized at Mathnasium and takes pride in being a valued member of the highly skilled team of educators at Mathnasium of SW Calgary. As a mathematics tutor, Vaidik Patel is well-equipped to help students grasp the intricacies of mathematics to excel in their academic pursuits.

Zoy Huang

Zoy is a second-year student at the University of Calgary, majoring in mathematics. He has always been interested in mathematics, mathematical statistics, and their applications. He believes a strong foundation in mathematics will be the root of success for all disciplines in the fields of science and engineering. Other than academics, Zoy also enjoys running, cycling, and snowboarding to keep a balance of exercise alongside studying. He is excited to be a part of the team of instructors at Mathnasium of SW Calgary and loves working with the students to share some passion for math.

Vishal Patel

Vishal is pursuing a Masters Degree in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering from University of Calgary. Math and Science have always been his favourite subjects since childhood. He loves spending his spare time watching videos of his favourite maths related YouTube channel like 3blue1Brown and MindYourDecisions. He absolutely loves working with energetic and curious young students. Vishal believes that providing the right direction to young students can do wonders and students will be able to achieve their academic goals on their own. He aims to remove phobia of math from the minds of students and wants them to approach mathematical problems with confidence. His strong mathematical skills and love for teaching Math provided him a wonderful opportunity to work as an instructor at Mathnasium of SW Calgary Math Learning Center. Vishal now looks forward to working with students at the Math Learning Centre and building lifetime of memories.

Rishikesh Bhatt

Rishikesh Bhatt is an enthusiastic graduate student currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering with specialization in Aerospace and energy Systems at the University of Calgary. His academic journey has been characterized by a profound love for mathematics, a subject that has captivated him since his childhood. Demonstrating consistent excellence in mathematics, he has achieved high scores, received medals, and obtained certificates in prestigious events such as the Mathematics Olympiad during high school. Additionally, he participated in national conferences on Mathematical Modelling during his undergraduate studies. His solid foundation in mathematics and proficiency in engineering algorithms played a pivotal role in securing admission to one of Canada's premier institutions. Rishikesh is convinced that mathematics is a powerful tool for solving intricate natural problems and is committed to contributing to its advancement. Eager about the opportunities to make a positive impact on the field, he is devoted to inspiring the next generation of mathematical enthusiasts. Beyond his mathematical pursuits, Rishikesh has a keen interest in Indian Classical Music. He is a skilled Tabla player in the realm of Indian Classical Percussion Instruments and has showcased his talent through solo performances at various events. Rishikesh considers himself fortunate and he is very excited to be a part of the instructor team at Mathnasium of SW Calgary

Ajwad Tazrif Hussyne

Ajwad is currently completing his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Calgary where his tenure has been marked by academic excellence and active participation in extracurricular activities. From an early age, Ajwad has built a strong background in mathematics by excelling in challenging subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. His academic journey is adorned with prestigious awards including The ‘Daily Star’ Award and the ‘Pearson Edexcel High Achievers’ Award, recognizing his exceptional performance in the IGCSE examination. As a Mathnasium instructor, Ajwad takes pride in his ability to solve complex mathematical concepts and thus, guiding students to discover the joy and power of math. He believes in fostering a learning environment where students can develop a great mathematical foundation which is crucial for their future success throughout their career. Outside the classroom, Ajwad is known for his involvement in sports and volunteer work. His teaching style is filled with careful planning, skill in solving problems, and strong commitment that he brings to all areas of his life. Ajwad is thrilled to be part of the Mathnasium family where he can share his knowledge and enthusiasm for math hence, inspiring the next generation of problem solvers and innovators. His goal as an instructor is not just to teach math but to instill confidence and a lifelong appreciation for the subject in his students.

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What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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