Math Skills Don't Grow On Trees

Oct 26, 2021 | SW Winnipeg

Attention Parents!

You might have noticed that some kids don't take to math as easily as others. There are kids in your local schools SJR, Van Wellegham, River Heights, St. Avila, SJR, Shaftsbury, St Paul's, St. Mary's, Oak Park, Vincent Massey who need extra help with understanding difficult math concepts. 

Is your child one of them? No problem.

At Mathnasium of SW Winnipeg, we are primed and prepared to offer students from all over Winnipeg or the whole of Manitoba top-tier math tutoring. In fact, we've been serving this area for 5 years. And recent research supports the claim that math tutoring is still highly beneficial. Read more here.

Here's what some of our satisfied parents have said:

"My son, who is usually not very excited about school or getting extra help, comes out of Mathnasium proud of himself because concepts are starting to make sense. His confidence is growing in class, which is also making homework less stressful. Thank you, Mathnasium!" -J.O.

Your local Mathnasium is at 3-660 Sterling Lyon Pkwy Winnipeg, MB, between IKEA and Cabela's near Thai Express.

Our Director, Michael Erkau, is eager to meet with you anytime to discuss your child's specific math needs. Call us today at 204-885-6284.

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