Mathnasium + National PTA = COVID-19 Relief

Jan 12, 2021 | Location Eugene

Over the last 5 years, as a Proud National Sponsor of PTA, Mathnasium has made great strides in forging a partnership that supports schools, families, & students at national & local levels. The STEM+Families Math Grants sponsored by Mathnasium have made it possible for more than 175 schools to receive funding & assistance in hosting our ever-popular Math Nights. And they have opened doors to thousands of other collaborative opportunities between schools & Mathnasium Learning Centers across the U.S.

Unfortunately, when the pandemic forced schools to close & halt all in-person events, it no longer made sense to award Math Grants to host Math Nights. And as weeks & months passed, schools became increasingly concerned for their students and families in the subjects of food insecurity, social & emotional well-being, & resources for distance learning. This was when we decided to redirect our Math Grant funding to assist in COVID-19 relief efforts.

National PTA will be announcing a new round of COVID-19 Relief Grants sponsored by Mathnasium today. This funding, a total of $35,000, is being awarded to 14 local PTAs at $2,500 each to further help their schools navigate challenges they have been facing due to the pandemic. This includes access to food, social & emotional support services, tools, & equipment. The list of PTAs/schools receiving these funds (ncluding in Oregon) can be found here.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is not over, & National PTA and PTAs nationwide remain committed to making sure students, families, teachers & schools have what they need during this challenging time,” said the president of National PTA. “We are grateful to our sponsors Mathnasium, Mountain American Credit Union, & TikTok for enabling us to provide more resources to PTAs to help them continue to provide critical support to their school communities.”

Learn more here:$120k-in-grants-to-ptas-across-the-country-to-continue-covid-19-relief-efforts

See Mathnasium's annual $35,000 contribution to PTAs before the pandemic:


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