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Robert Mayer

Lead Instructor
Robert grew up in Colorado with a strong love for science. In high school, he came first in the state's American Mathematics Competition. After earning a Bachelor in Geology at the University of Oklahoma, he taught Biology as he completed his Masters in Biology there, where he discovered his love of teaching. Robert studied dinosaurs in college and plans to pursue his PhD in Paleontology one day. In his spare time, he enjoys video games, board games, drawing, playing with his cats, and of course, learning about dinosaurs.

Daniel Collier

Daniel attends the University of Oregon, pursuing a degree in Physics and a Minor in Math. He grew up in California, where he became fascinated with math and science when he had tutors throughout middle school, so in high school, he worked as a peer math tutor in the College and Career center. He also worked at multiple sports camps for kids. Alongside math and physics, Daniel loves to read books and play ultimate frisbee and board games.

Charlotte Lundell

Charlotte is attending the University of Oregon, studying Business Administration. She graduated from high school in Southern California as a dual enrollment student and earned Magna Cum Laude honors, while balancing being the captain of the basketball, cross country, and track & field teams. She helped families tutoring their kids during the pandemic, then helped coach children’s sports teams after confinement, which expanded her love for helping others learn. During her free time, Charlotte loves to run, and organize and watch her favorite sports teams play.

Max Ritzow

Max graduated from the French Immersion program at South Eugene high school before attending the University of Oregon where he graduated from the Clark D. Honors College with a Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology. Tutoring at UofO, he helped student athletes practice good study habits and prepare for exams in math, chemistry, and biology, working with students individually and in groups. Aside from his interests in Exercise Physiology and teaching, Max is an elite bicycle racer and competes in high level events across the country.

Olivia Standke

Olivia graduated from an Oregon High School with a 4.3 GPA as an AP student, and is currently studying Math and Education at the University of Oregon. She helped teach math for a year as a teacher's assistant, and is excited to be back into helping kids learn to love math. When she is not busy working or studying, Olivia enjoys playing her harp and board games. Her favorite board game is Mastermind, also called Pico-Fermi-Nada.

Timmy Cho

Assessment Assistant (2024)
Timmy is a senior at South Eugene High School and has successfully completed advanced math courses such as AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and IB Mathematics and Interpretations. He is currently enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the French Immersion Program. Before graduating, he will have taken all his IB and AP exams as well as the SAT. Outside of school, Timmy tutors French Immersion students. Aside from French, he also speaks Cantonese. During his free time, Timmy likes to play piano, cello, and tennis with his family and friends at YMCA, where Director Mo still coaches tennis.

Ellie Cho

Assessment Assistant (2024-2025)
Ellie is a student at South Eugene High School with an avid interest in math and learning, and will be a junior in summer 2024 when she takes over her brother Timmy's position at our center. She is enrolled in the IHS (International High School) program, and the French Immersion Program, planning on graduating with the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma in 2026. In her free time, Ellie enjoys drawing, playing piano like her brother, and playing on the South Varsity tennis team.

Samy Jemmali

Administrative Assistant (2023-25)
Samy is Mo's son. He's a junior at South Eugene High School, and has been a Mathnasium student since we launched our center in June 2020. Samy is also a "Frenchie" in the French immersion program in the IHS (International High School) program. With his dad, Samy likes to ski, and play tennis, soccer, and chess. His favorite hobbies are building computers, filming, and playing videogames.

Yasmine Jemmali

Administrative Assistant (2021-23)
Yasmine is Mo's daughter. She's a senior at South Eugene High School, and has been a Mathnasium student since we launched our center in June 2020. Yasmine is also a "Frenchie" in the French immersion program in the IHS (International High School) program, and will be taking her IB (International Baccalaureate) exams alongside her SAT before graduating in spring 2023. Yasmine competes in gymnastics, and has been coaching gymnastics to kids at NAAG for over 3 years. She also likes to ski, play tennis at YMCA, and play chess with her dad. Her favorite hobby is music ,and she loves to play the piano, violin, guitar, ukulele, and drums.

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