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News from Mathnasium of Eugene

Safety Measures At Our Center

Apr 30, 2020






Dear valued members,

Nothing is more important to me than the safety of our students and staff. It is essential that we take good care of ourselves and of each other. During this COVID-19 crisis, Mathnasium of Eugene would like to help our Mathnasium families as much as possible, so in addition to our top notch @Home online program for real-time face-to-face user-friendly distance learning, we are also training our staff to implement the following safety procedures in our daily operations, when we open our physical center by 9/1/2021 (or the month 4J schools fully reopen):

A. Center Physical Space Measures:

To the benefit of our students, procedures to reduce the risk of infection may make it difficult to teach with our typical student-to-instructor ratio.

1. Cleaning Protocol

We follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines on the disinfection of the facility and reference the Mathnasium Disinfection & Germ Reduction guidelines when cleaning our center and creating a cleaning protocol for our team. Also:
● Hand sanitizer and tissues at every table
● We disinfect binders after every session before returning to their designated spots in the binder shelf
● We frequently disinfect ‘high-touch’ surfaces (e.g. door handles, tables, chairs, light switches)

2. Changes for Staff

We distribute a digital and written formal policy outlining health expectations and procedures to our employees:

● No staff member comes to work sick and/or with a fever.
     ○ To enter the center, all employees have their temperature checked with a non-contact digital thermometer
● If staff members start exhibiting symptoms of illness while at work, such as a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, they will be be sent home.
     ○ Clear and flexible time-off policy that is in accordance with federal and state laws, including the CARES Act language on time-off policy regarding COVID-19
● Face masks or face shields will be worn by all staff.
● Masks & gloves will be properly disposed of after use.
● All employees will wash their hands regularly based upon CDC guidelines .
● A disinfectant protocol for all employees at the end of each session, which covers how to disinfect objects and how to prevent taking germs from the workplace home.
● Provisions for staff who might be concerned with coming to the center.
● Every 2 weeks, rotate 2 groups of instructors: one group teaching in person at the center, while the other group teaching online @home.
Starting 9/1/21, all staff members will be required to show medical proof of their Covid-19 vaccination.

3. Changes for Students

We distribute a digital or written formal policy outlining health expectations and procedures to families:
● No student can come into the center sick and/or with a fever.
     ○ All students will have their temperature checked to enter the center
     ○ If students start exhibiting symptoms of illness while in the center, such as a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, we call their guardian to arrange for their immediate pick up and move the students to an isolated location until the guardian arrives
● Face masks will be worn by students at all times. We can provide masks.
● All students will wash or sanitize their hands upon arrival and before they leave.

4. Center Layout

Social distancing rules will be used for student seating.

     a. Student Tables

● One student per table to maintain ‘social distance’
● Student work areas will be cleaned after every student session. In the case that cleaning supplies are limited, a one-use paper surface can be used on tabletops.
● Each table has see-through plexiglass barriers to limit each student's work area and to add protection between students and instructors.

     b. Maximum Occupancy

● A maximum occupancy limit of 20 people (14 students + 6 staff) instead of 47 (including 5 parents)
     ○ Employees can regulate occupancy

     c. Air Quality

● We just installed new 3M HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) anti-viruses filters in our HVAC system.

B. Day-to-Day Center Operations Changes:

1. Student Flow in the Center

Depending on 4J protocols to control the number of students in the center at one time, we may consider scheduling student sessions using AppointmentPlus instead of offering drop-in flexibility.

2. Parent/Guardian Flow in the Center

     a. Close the Parent Waiting Area

● We ask guardians to drop off and pick up students from outside only.
● Instructors will walk students to and from parents while maintaining social distancing rules.

     b. Parent Conferences

● We conduct parent conferences virtually to minimize the number of people in the center.
● Alternatively, if conducting a parent conference in-center, we created a space that follows proper social distancing rules to facilitate the conversation.

3. Managing Student Sessions

● We designate an employee to perform attendance check-in and check-out. Students can not interact with the check-in/out tablet.
● Students will keep a pencil and eraser in their binders to use each session.
● Manipulatives, desktools, and/or games will not be shared and will be disinfected after every use.
● We provide each instructor one answer-key tablet to use throughout their shift. Employees will not share these tablets.
● We limit student-instructor interaction unless necessary
     ○ Instructors will not write on student pages, but rather utilize scratch paper to help with problem solving. Scratch paper will be one use, not shared, and recycled immediately.
● We designate an employee to manage the prize wheel and the rewards cabinet. This individual will be the only one to spin the wheel and reach into the rewards cabinet to get rewards for students.

C. Education Changes:

1. @Home Instruction

Both in-center and @Home programs will be available.

2. Delivering In-Person Instruction

     a. Binders/Homework

● We designate an employee to provide students with their binders, as well as to collect and put binders back. We make sure to disinfect binders after use.
● The student will be the only person touching their binder during the session.
● We will plan ahead for how we handle each student's homework.
● To leverage @home tools and reduce shared contact between instructors, we utilize the Digital Workout Plan to track student progress.

     b. Page Correction Process

● We only mark completed pages correct versus each question.
● Students move their binders to the instructor side of the table so the instructor can grade the page, without touching the binder.
● The instructor then inform the student of the exercise(s) that need correction and model any instruction/corrections on scratch paper.

     c. Page Completion

● Under supervision of the instructor, the student indicates on the star in the upper right hand corner (shading, checkmark, etc.) that the page has been completed.
● The instructor notes completion on Workout Plan and student punch card.

     d. Page Filing Process

● Students will be encouraged to file completed pages in sections 4 or 5 of their binder at the end of every session.

Thank you, and stay safe my friends,

Mo Jemmali

Center Director