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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

CenterDirectorHeather Henke, Owner & Center Director 

Heather is excited to bring her passion for education to Green Hills and now Hendersonville too! The prospect of sharing the Mathnasium method with the community is very exciting. “I left the classroom in 2009, but I never lost the desire to enrich children’s lives with the love of learning. When I saw an ad for Mathnasium on the internet, it seemed like an answer to a prayer. Upon learning more about the program, I fell in love with the method and knew we needed to share it with others. There could be no better legacy than to have a part in improving the math skills and confidence of our children and instilling an excitement for learning!” Heather holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree from MTSU (1996) and a Master of Education- School Counseling, also from MTSU (2003). Heather and her husband, Chad, are empty-nesters with 2 grown children, and a  grand-daughter. Heather likes to read, play with Luna (grand-daughter), and take walks with her service dog, Bear. Please visit them soon at Mathnasium of Green Hills. 

 Chad Henke, Owner

Chad earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Tennessee Technological University in 1993. Chad has worked creating software solutions that range from a full retail POS, to a database synchronization solution, to an enterprise solution for the financial industry. He was the Chief Technology Officer and lead software architect of a team consisting of over 100 developers.

Chad’s passion for math began in High School, where one teacher made a huge impact as a mentor, teaching Boolean Algebra. The following year, she designed and created a computer enrichment class for Chad. “My experience in High School forever changed my outlook in life. First, learning that the basic laws of math still held true even in base 2 (vs. base 10) math helped me ‘see’ math for the first time. That vision is what Larry Martinek (the creator of the Mathnasium curriculum) talks about, and what I hope to pass on to the students at our Mathnasium. Second, I learned that one single mentor in your life can have a profound influence. While I have gotten great enjoyment designing software solutions during my career, one of my favorite aspects of my job has always been to mentor others.”

Chad has had many opportunities to mentor others, from his work for the University teaching students how to file a resume electronically in the early 90’s, to mentoring and holding training sessions with other developers, to coaching a middle school robotics team.

One of Chad's hobbies is the new frontier of 3D printing. He is excited about the future of this technology, and hopes to share it with his Mathnasium students.                                                

Holly Therrell, Owner

Holly has had a long history with Mathnasium. When she was a sophomore in high school, she got a part-time job as a Mathnasium instructor in Germantown, TN. Her love for teaching, learning, and mathematics blossomed during those years, leading her to Vanderbilt's Peabody College of Education. Shortly after moving to Nashville, Holly met Heather and Chad just as they opened the Green Hills Mathnasium and was excited to join the team. When offered the opportunity to become Center Director, she eagerly accepted with the intention of making a positive difference in the center for all students.

She finished her degree of a double major in Mathematics and Education Studies  in May 2018. Much of her college research has focused on equity in mathematics education: valuing learning over achievement, closing opportunity gaps, challenging students at all levels, and using students' backgrounds in math and life to help them learn. Her main goal at Mathnasium is to bolster the mathematics identity of everyone she encounters, fostering critical thinking skills and agency that children will need to understand and change the world.

When Holly isn't working, she is learning and playing. She loves reading/talking about people, places, and things that she doesn't yet understand. 

CenterDirectorJonathan Ousley, Assistant Center Director

 Jonathan graduated from the University of Central Florida with Bachelor’s degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering and proceeded to get his Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering with the completion of his thesis on drinking water treatment in 2016. While taking some time after his Master’s program, he did some traveling in Europe, some Esports broadcasting in California and started working part time at a Mathnasium in Orlando, Florida.

Jonathan enjoys teaching in all facets whether it was tutoring physics in college, training new students in the graduate research lab, being an analyst for an Esports broadcast or helping students with their math at Mathnasium. Teaching others to keep an open mind and approach problems from different perspectives has always been a passion for him.

Having recently moved to Tennessee from Florida, Jonathan hopes to be able to make a difference in his new community and help contribute to the Mathnasium team. When he is not working at Mathnasium, he enjoys playing video games, hiking, cooking, or playing music.


 Paula Rossler, Instructor


Paula was born in New Jersey and moved to Ohio when she was 12. She attended The Ohio State University, spending summers catching bugs, tossing hay bales, and driving tractors. After she received her bachelor's degree in Agronomy, she worked for a year as a research assistant in an agronomy lab. She then returned to Ohio State for a bachelor's degree in Computer and Information Science (back in the days of punch cards!).

This led to a 24-year career with American Electric Power and IBM, where she worked as an application developer and systems analyst, and provided operational support in a Linux server environment. Midway through those 24 years, she took a long break to be a stay-at-home mom. Her son recently graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a bachelor's degree in Mathematics. 

"I am happy at this point in my life to switch from many years sitting in front of a computer screen to sitting with kids. As a kid, I found math to be a fun challenge. I now hope to help kids who are either struggling or needing more of a challenge to find the fun in math."

She has lived in Hendersonville for almost 30 years. "For fun, I turn to the pile of books on my nightstand, tend my vegetable and flower gardens, bake bread, and play piano when no one is listening."



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