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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:


Lisa Anderson, Owner and Center DirectorLisa Anderson, Owner - Director

Mathnasium Master Certified & Credentialed Teacher

Lisa has always had a passion for math education which led her to Mathnasium over 8 years ago, where she has been making a difference in teaching children how math CAN make sense! Lisa has a B.S. degree in Business Management from San Diego State University and worked in the computer manufacturing field for over 10 years as a Materials Manager. Prior to Mathnasium she taught for several years in the Capistrano Unified School District, and discovered that teaching math is as good as it gets.  Lisa is married to her Mathnasium Co-owner and husband, Paul, and lives in Mission Viejo. She is the proud mother of 2 children who were educated in CUSD,  and are graduates of SDSU and USC.

Paul Anderson, Owner and Instructor


Paul Anderson, Owner - Instructor

Paul has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from UCLA. He has 30 ongoing years of professional experience in Engineering and Computer Science. He also enjoys endurance running and making music. He's thrilled to be an owner of the Ladera Ranch center. Paul is excited to have the opportunity to share his love of math with our future engineers and scientists.


Mathnasium Instructor - Claire


Claire, Senior Lead Center Instructor

Claire is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton with a degree in Child and Adolescent Development with a minor in Mathematics and Business Administration. She is no stranger to tutoring, as she has been a tutor since her freshman year of high school. Claire has always had a knack for mathematics and loves helping people out. In addition, she enjoys working with kids, so she frequently babysits. Outside of school and work, she could always be found at Disneyland, hanging out at the beach, trying trendy new foods and drinks, or her personal favorite, lying in her bed using Netflix.


Bryce, Lead Instructor

Bryce is currently in his last year at Saddleback College, after graduating from Trabuco Hills High School. He plans on majoring in Mechanical Engineering and hopes to transfer to Cal State Long Beach. Bryce has plenty of experience working with kids. During his high school years, he often volunteered at kid’s camps and vacation bible schools at his church working with the kids in arts and crafts, sports, games, and Bible time. Bryce loves math and hopes to make it a fun and applicable subject to learn.  Bryce is no stranger when it comes to math. He has taken two single variable calculus courses and a multi-variable calculus class in college. In his free time, Bryce loves to play ultimate frisbee, hang out at the beach, and rock climb. 

 Maya, Instructor

Maya is a sophmore attending Chapman College after graduating from San Juan Hills High school, and has always had a passion for math and teaching. At San Juan Hills High School, she took Calculus BC which is the hardest math course available in high school and is a college level course. Maya has tutored middle schoolers and high schoolers for the last seven years, as well as babysat frequently. She also was involved in a class at school called Teach 2 Learn where she further advanced her skills in education. Further, she is a gymnastics coach at World Elite gymnastics, teaching beginners and advanced athletes the skills they need to master the sport. Here, she also trains as an elite trampolinist. She travels the country and the world competing and has become a 3 time state champion, and 3 time national medalist.


Aishwarya , Instructor

Aishwary is currently a first year nursing student at West Coast University in Anaheim. She graduated from University of Washington in Seattle in 2012 with a B.S. in Mathematics. Aishwarya has been tutoring at different Mathnasium locations for about 3 years. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball and catching up with her friends. Aishwarya loves to travel.


                                    Noel, Instructor

 Noel is currently a full time student at Saddleback College majoring in Mathematics.   He previously graduated from Capistrano Valley High School in 2017 where he   completed the courses of AP Calculus AB and BC. In high school, he was Co-   President of the top choir ensemble and the dance club. He was part of the film   program CAPO.360. Outside of academics he dances on a hip hop street team based in Irvine. He and his team competed and won many competitions and even   represented the USA at an international competition for three consecutive years. In   his free time Noel enjoys solving Rubik’s Cubes and organizing his room.




 Cayden, Instructor

The one thing Cayden would want you to know about him right away is his love for math.  He has studied at Saddleback college and will begin study at California State University, Fullerton in the fall of 2018 to pursue a degree in mathematics with hopes of ending up back in the classroom as a teacher. Cayden loves to teach others and hopes to instill his same love for math and learning into every student he speaks with. Outside of working with students, one might find Cayden leading an energetic group of junior high students at his church or enjoying the outdoors surfing or hiking. He loves being active both physically and mentally, and could run a Spartan race while working through mathematical equations in his head at the same time.


                                  Kinza, Instructor

Kinza graduated from University of California, Los Angeles in June 2018 with a degree in Psychobiology. She grew up loving her math and science classes, and once in high school, she started tutoring in math. Kinza loves to tutor because she believes that anyone can love math once they understand the topic. This led her to continue tutoring a variety of subjects and levels throughout high school and college in order to increase others interest in math too. During her free time, Kinza enjoys spending time with her family, going to Disneyland, relaxing at the beach with a good book, and traveling.



                                Ryan, Instructor
Ryan graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, in May 2018, having majored in Environmental Sciences. At Berkeley and in high school, he took numerous math classes, including Calculus. He is currently taking a year off and hopes to get a teaching credential and a Masters in Education, and to eventually become an elementary school teacher.  He loves teaching and has been tutoring and babysitting for six years. In addition to math, Ryan also loves reading, cooking, watching movies, traveling, and going to the beach.


                                 Leon, Instructor 

Leon Liu graduated from Tesoro High School in 2018. He completed Calculus 1 at Saddleback College during his last semester of High School.  This year he is currently a full time student at Saddleback College majoring in Electrical Engineering. His favorite subject is Math and Physics. In High School, Leon was on the varsity wrestling team his freshmen year. Outside of academics he enjoys playing the guitar, reading, working-out, and hanging with friends. 





                                 Fiza, Instructor

Fiza is currently a senior at San Juan Hills High School. In addition to taking 5 AP classes, Fiza is currently on the board for 3 clubs and swims varsity for the high school swim team. In the future, she plans on pursuing a career in medicine and becoming a doctor. She has always had a love for math, since it's her favorite subject. Fiza participates in a club at school where she tutors and helps fellow high school students in various subjects, enhancing her tutoring experience. In her free time, Fiza can be found volunteering, traveling, swimming, at Disneyland, watching Netflix, or spending time with her family and friends. 


                                 Eliad, Instructor 

 Eliad is a senior at Tesoro High School. Aside from taking rigorous courses such as AP Calculus BC and AP Physics, he is also a volunteer and manager at the Mission Hospital volunteer program, the secretary of a club that collects toys and other items for abuse shelters, and the current treasurer of his school’s National Honor Society chapter where he tutors freshmen as well. He enjoys playing the piano and has been playing for the past seven years. In his free time, Eliad watches movies, listens to music, and swims.



                                 Riley, Instructor 

Riley is in his junior year at Tesoro High School, where he is currently taking AP Calculus BC. He has already completed AP Computer Science as a sophomore, and is looking forward to pursue a computer engineering major after graduating in 2020. Outside of academics, he is a member of his school’s tennis team and secretary of Tesoro Key Club. Since 7th grade, Riley has always enjoyed tutoring students in all subjects, especially mathematics. He has plenty of experience of being around kids, from volunteering at local children’s libraries or being an assistant instructor at his children’s Aikido classes, where he is currently working on his black belt. In his free time, Riley loves playing the piano, blogging, traveling, camping, hiking, and playing a game of ping-pong with his sister


                                 Christian, Instructor 
Christian is a student at Tesoro High School and is taking Pre-Calculus and AP Chemistry.  In the future, Christian looks forward to continuing his education in college majoring in Computer Science and Programming. In middle school, Christian excelled in advanced math classes, and has enjoyed working in advanced classes throughout high school. In his free time, Christian likes to spend time with his family, read the news, and play soccer.  He also spends time traveling outside of California exploring new places.  Some of his favorite trips were to Hawaii, Florida, and Seattle, Washington.  He enjoys hanging out with friends and playing volleyball and ping pong just for fun.



                                 Kyle, Instructor

Kyle is currently a junior at Tesoro High School and enrolled in AP Calculus AB and AP Physics. Kyle has enjoyed math his whole life and has pushed himself with advanced math and science classes in high school, having already completed AP Biology. In the future, Kyle looks forward to majoring in college as a mechanical engineer after he graduates in 2020. He is also a memberof Tesoro's Varsity Basketball and Track&Field Teams, and he enjoys hanging out with friends outside of school. Kyle has had experiences as a basketball coach and previous independent tutoring; and he has loved working with kids. He particularly enjoys helping kids with math and seeing them start to love the subject as much as he does. 



                                              Srijita, Instructor

Sri is in her sophomore year at San Juan Hills High School, where she is currently taking Honors Precalculus, along with AP Physics. She is looking forward to studying biology after graduating in 2021 and has dreams to follow a career path either as a trauma surgeon or in bioengineering after college. Outside of schoolwork, she spends her time playing the piano, and is part of her high school’s tennis team. She is also co president of the Team Negu club at her school, supporting the Jessie Rees foundation for children’s cancer.  Over the years, she has spent summers volunteering and counseling at various summer camps, and spends weekends volunteering with her family. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, reading, playing with her dog Callie, and spending time with her friends.