Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.

Ashley R.

Education Director
Ashley graduated at University of Redlands with a Bachelor's degree in Speech Pathology. She has worked for multiple Mathnasium locations in Orange County since 2015. As an instructor, a team leader, and a Center Director, she applied her love of teaching and math to every task and every student she worked with. She hopes to have her own classroom in the future. In her spare time, Ashley loves to work on do-it-yourself projects and solve puzzles while watching anything Disney.

Priscilla L.

Assistant Center Director
Priscilla is currently enrolled at UC Irvine majoring in Education Sciences, was recently accepted into the Masters Degree in Education program at UCI, and is on her way to pursue a career in teaching! She loves working with students and seeing them grow both as learners and people. Math is one of her favorite subjects as she enjoys the process of problem-solving using numbers. As an instructor at Mathnasium, she loves the environment, in particular, as it is a safe space to foster each student’s individual strengths. In her free time, she likes to spend time catching up with friends while also trying new activities like crocheting and embroidering.

Maggie L.

Lead Instructor
Maggie is currently enrolled at UC Irvine. She loves math and enjoys teaching kids. In her free time, Maggie rides horses and loves to travel with her family. She hopes to pursue a career in veterinary medicine in the future. Maggie finds working at Mathnasium rewarding, as she loves to see kids strive for excellence and be motivated to succeed. She has also found that working has improved her personal math skills and has taught her patience.

Alli V.

Lead Instructor
Alli is currently enrolled at California Baptist University majoring in Biomedical Science, and is on her way to med school this upcoming summer! In her free time, Alli likes to play basketball and go to the beach to swim. She enjoys working at Mathnasium because she loves teaching about her favorite subject to others. Her favorite part is when students understand a concept and are able to do the rest of the exercise on their own. Working at Mathnasium has shown Alli the importance of being flexible and patient.

Supreya S.

Supreya is currently enrolled at Santiago Canyon College majoring in Aerospace Engineering to pursue a career as an engineer in the future. She plans to transfer to UC Irvine next fall to continue her education. In her free time she likes to go on hikes, watch movies, bake, and spend time with friends and family. She has loved math ever since she was a kid, and is excited to share her passion for math with others. She loves to see kids have that lightbulb moment when they understand the topic, and hopes to help kids gain confidence in their math skills.

Brianna V.

Brianna is currently enrolled at UC Irvine, majoring Biological Science. She has always enjoyed math throughout her childhood and is thrilled to share her passion by helping younger kids. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing the kids light up when they understand the concept. Being around the kids has helped Bri learn more about herself and appreciate their youthful energy. She hopes to use her experience at Mathnasium to pursue a career as a pediatrician in the future. In her free time, Bri loves to mess around in the kitchen and be with her family.

Zoe A.

Zoe is currently at enrolled at UC Irvine, majoring in Education Sciences. She has a passion for teaching and hopes to pursue a career as a teacher in the future. At Mathnasium, Zoe loves making connections with students as they explore different learning styles and methods to solve math problems. In her free time, she enjoys bullet journaling, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family.

Megan H.

Megan is currently at enrolled in California State University, Fullerton on track to earning her nursing degree. She has always had an interest in medicine and wants to pursue the path of a flight nurse. Megan loves reading historical fiction as well as cycling and skiing with her family and traveling the world. As an older sister, Megan finds comfort in guiding young kids to better understand math, and enjoy it, too. Geometry and trigonometry are her favorite areas of study, and she hopes to aid others in mastering these subjects. Mathnasium is the best part of Megan’s day because after a long day at school, she finds it rewarding to teach kids and spend time in the environment of the center.

Gabby L.

Gabby is currently a student at Rosary Academy. She loves helping others, especially in math. Working with kids has helped her learn to communicate and work with others better. She hopes to study at Cal Poly Pomona and become an architect. Gabby’s hobbies include both art and cooking. In her free time, she likes to travel and spend time with friends.

Kathy E.

Kathy graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelor's degree in Human Services and received her teaching credential from Chapman University. She enjoyed teaching elementary and middle school students for over 30 years. She wanted to not only help students learn, but to love learning and really make a difference in their lives. She is excited to share her love of math (always her favorite subject to teach) at Mathnasium. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Maya S.


Matthew G.

Matthew is a student at Santiago Canyon College, majoring in Computer Science. He finds a certain beauty in the subject of mathematics and loves to teach others. He enjoys seeing the students have a gradual improvement of not just the skills required to do difficult problems, but also seeing the student develop an appreciation for math and its necessity in the world. He treats all students with the respect that any person striving to learn deserves, and aims to enable the students so that they can reach new heights. In his free time, he enjoys seeing and experiencing all forms of art, as well as spending time with the people he cares about.

Cidney D.

Cidney is currently a student at Canyon High School. She finds joy in playing pickleball during her free time, and traveling with her family. With aspirations in education, she plans to pursue her studies at CSUSD or CSUF. Beyond academics, she cherishes moments spent with family, and enjoys going out to explore life's experiences. She finds that engaging with children has enhanced her communication skills, and improved her ability to collaborate effectively with others.

Nikki M.

Nikki is currently a student at Troy High School, as a Tech diploma and Cambridge diploma candidate. With aspirations in majoring in biology on the pre-dental track after graduating, Nikki has been both the student and tutor when it comes to difficult STEM-related courses like calculus, and understands the importance of a good teacher - especially in math. Nikki can be found practicing on her varsity volleyball team, creating design templates as an editor of her school’s yearbook, or volunteering/tutoring as a member of National Honor Society. During her free time, Nikki enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and friends, shopping, and reading.

Kim J.

Kim is currently enrolled at USC, majoring in International Relations. Her favorite subjects are calculus and physics because she enjoys solving problems like it's a puzzle. As a student herself, Kim understands that a good teacher makes a big difference in a student's attitude towards learning. As an instructor, Kim aspires to build kids' confidence for math and make it fun for students like how her teachers did for her. In her free time, Kim likes to read, play Minecraft, cook for her friends, and watch dramas.

Nicole V.


Joy S.

Joy is the Manager at Mathnasium of Anaheim Hills, CA. Prior to opening her Mathnasium center, Joy worked as a Franchise Business Consultant with Mathnasium Corporate Office. She has an MBA from University of Redlands and a BS in Management with a Minor in Marketing from St. Louis University, Philippines. She also did a semester study on International Business Economics at Cambridge University, England. After working with Franchise Owners of Mathnasium, Joy has witnessed how Mathnasium has changed kids’ lives through math and how it’s built their confidence. Joy is enthusiastic about helping every child in the local community to truly understand math by teaching it in a way that makes sense to them. She is passionate and committed to bringing the Mathnasium Method to the children in the community.

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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