Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.

Sophia Orm

Assistant Center Director / Regional Admissions Director
Sophia is an Idaho native, graduating from Eagle High School with her Associate of General Science degree in addition to her High School Diploma. She is attending Boise State University pursuing her bachelor’s degree in chemistry with minors in criminal justice and American Sign Language. Sophia joined the Mathnasium team in February of 2022 as an instructor, and has worked her way up to Assistant Center Director by July 2022. She has worked in for elderly care and currently also works as a teaching assistant for the American Sign Language department at BSU. In between working at the center and doing homework, Sophia enjoys drinking Dutch Bros and cooking.

Education: I graduated from Eagle High School and I’ve attended 2 years at Boise State University.

Fun Fact: I was on the wrestling team my freshman year of high school.

Favorite Number: 9 – It was my soccer jersey number until I was in high school!

Why I Love Mathnasium: I enjoy spending time connecting with the kids. I’m also driven to improve our center’s operations and maintain relationships with parents and students alike.

Cait Smith

Lead Instructor
Cait grew up traveling as part of a military family. She has lived in Washington, Japan, Nebraska, and England. She graduated high school from Joel E. Ferris in Spokane, Washington. Cait is finishing her degree in elementary education at Boise State University. She is currently student-teaching at Adams Elementary, and will earn her credentials to be a teacher after her Fall 2024 semester. Cait joined the Mathnasium team in May 2022, and has been a lead instructor since October 2023. We love her sense of humor and the way she connects with kids and holds them to our high standard of mastery. Cait also works for the YMCA as a staff counselor for summer camps. Cait loves to travel on the weekends, hike, ski & snowboard, as well as spend time with her friends.

Education: I Graduated from Joel E. Ferris High School. I will graduate from Boise State University with a bachelor’s in education with an elementary (K-8) emphasis. I plan to earn a graduate degree in elementary math instruction and aspire to teach overseas through DoDDS.

Favorite Number: 6– It’s even and it rocks!

Fun Fact: I have weathered many hurricanes and I have a eight year old brother.

Why I love Mathnasium:I love working with all different types of students and watching them make breakthroughs.

Lizzy Billingsley

Lead Instructor
Lizzy grew up in McCall, Idaho, and was inspired by her 7th grade math teacher to help others find their passion in math. She is attending Boise State university as a psychology major. Lizzy joined Mathnasium in November 2023, and became Lead Instructor in January 2024. We love her positive attitude!! In her spare time, Lizzy enjoys watching movies with roommates and biking the Green Belt (she tries to get out every day).

Education: I graduated McCall Donnelly High School and am in my third year of Boise State University studying psychology.

Favorite Number: 13

Fun Fact: Lizzy has three dogs and four cats!

Why I love Mathnasium: So many reasons: doing math, teaching kids math, and getting to know students is just the start!

Braydon Goodson

Braydon grew up in Boise, Idaho. He earned his Associates degree in engineering in May 2023 from North Idaho College and has returned to the Treasure Valley to complete his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Braydon has taken Calculus 3 and helped his younger brothers with Math. He joined our Mathnasium team in January 2024 and became Lead Instructor in April. We love how Braydon is efficient but also makes sure to connect with the students at his table. In his free time, Braydon likes snowboarding, skateboarding, basketball, bike riding, building Legos, and working on cars.

Fun Fact: I own 12 Lego sets

Favorite Number: 3 because Allen Iverson is my favorite basketball player

Education: I graduated from Boise High in 2020 and now study mechanical engineering at Boise State University.

Why I Love Mathnasium: I love math and showing people why it's great.

Laney Lovrovich

I am currently in my third year studying Mathematics at Boise State, so I've taken too many math classes to count! I played volleyball and pole vaulted in high school. I graduated from Peninsula High School in Gig Harbor, WA with a 4.0 GPA and have maintained a 4.0 throughout my time at Boise State. In my free time you can find me doing any arts and craft projects and attending as many sports events as I can!

Fun Fact: My favorite place in the world is my hometown, Gig Harbor, Washington.

Favorite Number: 1 because that was the number I wore playing volleyball in high school!

Education: I graduated from Peninsula High School in Gig Harbor, WA in 2021 and I am currently a junior at Boise State University studying Mathematics with an emphasis in Secondary Education.

Why I Love Mathnasium: I love math and love making math fun!

Jiexi Mei

I have taken Algebra 1/Integrated I, Algebra 2/Integrated II, Geometry/Integrated II, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC (currently taking). At my school, there is a club called "Math Cafe." It's a program that provides a platform for students enrolled in higher-level math courses to serve as tutors, offering assistance to their peers who may be struggling with certain concepts. I myself have signed up as a tutor and have helped quite a few students with their work. I enjoy drawing, playing the piano, and dancing.

Fun Fact: I am bilingual and speak both English as well as Chinese.

Favorite Number: My favorite number is 18 because it is the day of my birthday!

Education: I am currently a sophomore attending Timberline High School.

Why I Love Mathnasium: I have had lots of interest in math starting from a young age since my parents placed a lot of value in becoming proficient in it. I thought that helping others would not only provide a good life experience, but it would also solidify some math concepts that I may have forgotten over the years in my mind. Teaching somebody else can also be a form of learning, after all.

Tim Chenoweth

My undergraduate Degree is in Mathematics. I was also in the chess and Dungeon and Dragons club in high school and college. I worked as both a teaching assistant and a research assistant while in graduate school. I spend most of my time reading, mostly science fiction and fantasy. My favorite book is Dune.

Fun Fact: During the summer of 1980, while stationed on the Coast Guard Cutter Vigilant, I helped rescue hundreds of Cubans from the waters between Key West and Cuba during the Mariel Boatlift.

Favorite Number: Zero because it's just plan weird.

Education: I graduated from the Coast Guard Academy in 1981 with a BS in mathematics. I graduated from Washington State University in 1996 with an MBA, an MS in Computer Science, and a PhD in Information Systems.

Why I Love Mathnasium: I enjoy working with kids, helping them improve their math skills.

Channing Beck

Channing grew up in Boise. He attended Mathnasium when he was in 7th grade, and is now a junior at Timberline High School. Channing has been Timberline soccer team since 10th grade, helping them place 1st in the state competition in 2022 and 2023. He will be the primary goalie this fall. He also attended a materials science engineering internship the summer of 2023. Channing was hired at Mathnasium in April of 2022 at the end of his 9th grade year (his first day was April fools day!), and he has grown to be a reliable and experienced instructor. We value his high energy in both working with students and helping our team. Outside of Mathnasium and his many AP classes, Channing likes hanging out with his friends and staying hydrated.

Fun Fact: My favorite food is buffalo wings.

Favorite Number: 33, my soccer number

Education:: I will graduate from Timberline High School in May 2025 and aspire to become an engineer.

Why I Love Mathnasium: it is an expansion of the mind.

Nathan Reisenauer

Nathan graduated from Vallivue High School in Caldwell. He is currently earning his bachelor’s degree in music education from Boise State University, and is in his first year. Nathan is in the BSU marching band as a mellophone player. He joined Mathnasium in September 2023. Nathan has become a leader in our center, managing students and our fun activities with confidence. When he’s not working, rehearsing, or spending time with his family in Canyon County, Nathan enjoys bowling in a local league.

Fun Fact: My favorite animal is a blue ringed octopus: small but mighty!

Favorite Number: 10, because I always have something good happen whenever I see the number 10!

Education: I graduated from Vallivue High School in Caldwell. I’m a freshman at Boise State University in Music Education, and I hope to be a band teacher in the future.

Why I Love Mathnasium: I love spending time with our students and getting to know them more than just their math side of things!

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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