A unique SAT/ACT Prep program

Mar 1, 2024 | Brunswick

We know how important high stakes tests like SAT/ACT can be for your child’s college ambitions. Even with many colleges going test-optional for this year's applications, strong SAT Test scores help to stand out and open doors to many scholarships! We can help your child put their best foot forward with a unque Test Prep program that has as faculty Felix Alvarado (Mr "A”), the #1 SAT trainer in the New England area. The program can be done from the safety of your home as it is offered over a digital platform with real-time sessions with their coach and study material/assignments provided through out the course.  This course is a 6 week program and various start dates are available. This course will give a thorough training to your high schooler over the summer to target the SAT/ACT test dates falling within Aug-Oct 2021.  Call/text us at (732)3I7 8761 or email to [email protected] for pricing and program structure.

This is a very effective and personalized program because each class comprises of only 4-6 students and we blend the power of Mathnasium’s approach(for Math portions) with personal guidance from Felix (who has a 16 years experience with this). Don't risk your child's future with cookie-cutter large classroom format programs that are offered elsewhere with their one-size-fits all approach with little personalized attention.

Why are we confident this program is so effective?

  • You get the expertise of New England’s #1 SAT coach AND Mathnasium of Brunswick-the Math specialists
  • Personalized instruction and strategies- UNIQUE to the needs and stage of your child
  • Small group size (4-6) to allow for deeper learning and personal attention, unlike the large classes and one-size-fits-all approach of test prep providers like Princeton Review
  • Practice and material goes beyond the training provided during class 

 Training Includes:

  1. Customized instruction and personal attention to a small batch (4 to 6 students per group) and several options for time slots
  2. 10 one-and-a-half hour sessions with Felix Alvarado (Mr. "A") delivered as live interactive training in video conference with Mr. A. During the school year, these 15 training hours are spread over 6 weeks(2.5 hrs each), while during summer, Ten (10) one-and-a-half hour sessions
  3. 6 one-hour sessions with Mathnasium instructors (1 class per week for 6 weeks)- with an option of either in-person or virtually with Mathnasium instructors, to reinforce concepts needed to ace the Math portion  and fill any gaps resulting from a disrupted school year
  4. 1 complete Mathnasium SAT Math diagnostic test (beginning of the program)
  5. Comprehensive training in Reading, Writing and Math Sections(NOT including the Essay-which in any case is not applicable this year)
  6. Weekly homework assignments using actual, released, official SAT Tests
  7. Practice with past official SAT/ACT exams
  8. Innovative tools and techniques like:
    1. Video Vocab Library – Build your vocab the FUN and easy way, with one-minute video clips from your favorite movies!
    2. Mr. “A”s LAZY MATH tips and cheat sheets (for short cuts and avoiding examiner traps)
  9. Mr "A's" Complete Reading and Writing strategies
  10. College Board (the actual test-makers) Official SAT Study Guide (including 8 full practice tests)
  11. An end of program assessment and recommendations


  • Students must either have already completed Algebra 2 and Geometry, OR Geometry and an advanced Algebra 1 Honors level course. 
  • Students must attend all live online classes and finish assignments given to them