Mathnasium + Summer 2024 = Math Confidence (and fun) for Your Child

Apr 11, 2024 | Brunswick

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Beat the summer slide

We can give a leg up to your child's Math by having them utilize this summer to fill any gaps and reinforce concepts needed to tackle next grade's Math in the next school year. Plus we mix in fun games/activities along with their Math sessions during our summer programs, to keep them motivated and excited about Math.

At Mathnasium, summer programs are all about preventing summer learning loss and helping students prepare for what lies ahead. For some students, that means a solid revision of previous grade's material. Others benefit from previewing upcoming concepts, receiving enrichment material or filling any gaps to enable them to start the new school year with confidence. During summer months, we also regularly conduct game evenings(with fun puzzles/Math games/quizzes) virtually and in-center and include other fun activities alongside teaching Math!

Your child will not complain about having to do Math during the summer break!

Our scheduling flexibility lets you pair our classes with any other summer program/vacation plans (as during summer, we give class options in the morning as well as evenings, virtually or in-person, and you can pick your time slot for each session which only take 1 hour at a time).

Here are the various programs we have during the summer(contact us for pricing and details):

Monthly program + Summer Perks!

A) WAIVED Registration Fee

B) Pick your own time slot for your session+fun activities/game time included along with Math

C) More sessions to keep Math sharp or repair gaps- up to 3 sessions(of 60 min each)/week!

16 and 20 Sessions Pack Avoid the "summer slide" with just a few hours per week and your child will be ready to take on the school year with math momentum & confidence!

Dates: 3 Month Validity over the summer, with an option to convert to our regular program during school year! Each session is 60 min and you can pick your own time slot

SAT/ACT Test Prep (Because it's too hard for your high schooler to find time for SAT prep during the school year!) 5 Week Intensive SAT/ACT prep Immersion Program taught by the #1 test prep coach in the New England region. All resorces and study material provided. Check this for more details on our SAT/ACT program:

Did you know:
  1. Students can lose up to 2.6 months of math skills over the summer
  2. The first 6 weeks of the fall semester are spent re-learning old material to try to make up for Summer Learning Loss
  3. It can take up to 2 months from the 1st day of school for a student to get back on track
  4. By the end of grade 6, students who have experienced Summer Learning Loss over the years are an average of 1 year behind state standards!

If you are interested in giving your child an edge for the upcoming school year or to ensure any gaps are identified and plugged before it is too late to catch up, contact us at 732 708 4697 or email us at [email protected] to check us out.