I Wouldn't Be Where I Am Without Mathnasium

Jan 5, 2022 | Burlington

Without mathnasium

Let me introduce you to Dylan, a 12-year-old Mathnasium student. Dylan (who is completely adorable, btw) says, "I would not be where I am today without Mathnasium." 

Unfortunately, Dylan's math story started out on the wrong foot. It's a narrative that's all too familiar - you might even recognize it in your own child. The story goes something like this:

1. First, feeling frustrated during math class

2. Then, not being able to firmly grasp concepts

3. And finally, ending up with a strong dislike for math

Dylan isn't alone. In fact, a recent poll revealed that 40% of students said math was their least favorite subject. (Read more here) The good news is Dylan's situation can be remedied. Thankfully, Dylan's parents brought him into Mathnasium, where trained instructors pinpointed the weak spots in his math education. In his case, it was order of operations. Those areas were then re-taught in ways Dylan understood and at the pace he needed. Dylan then proceeded to confidently show how to solve a problem using the correct order of operations. Wahoo!!!

Happy endings like this one are the norm at Mathnasium of Burlington. Our results are real, impressively real! You can read more about them here. Come visit our Director, Jennifer Gattis, in your local Mathnasium center at 3253 S Church St, Burlington, NC 27215. 

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