Meet Our Director!

Feb 26, 2022 | Burlington

Burlington dir

(Drum roll.....) Mathnasium of Burlington is excited to introduce you to our very own Director, Jennifer Gattis! Come in and visit our Director at 3253 S Church St, Burlington, NC 27215. We would love to meet your student and show you what Mathnasium offers. When your student enrolls with us, you can expect these 3 things:

1. Assessment. Each of our students take a comprehensive assessment designed to show exactly where your child's math understanding begins and ends.

2. Learning Plan. The comprehensive assessment will highlight the weak and strong areas of your child's math skills. We use the data collected from this test to write a custom learning plan for your child - a learning plan designed to strengthen and reinforce math concepts that aren't fully understood. It also ensures that we don't waste any time re-teaching concepts your child has already mastered. 

3. Top Notch Tutoring. Along with our director, Mathnasium of Burlington has a great staff of qualified instructors who help make goals with your child, motivate your child, and teach your child at the pace they need. Our staff uses a wide array of teaching styles (think hands-on, visual, verbal, etc) and has a great collection of math manipulatives (think abacus, fraction pieces, base ten blocks, etc).

Our Director is ready to help your child thrive in their math education! Sign up now for a Risk-Free Assessment or Free Trial.