Need a Change in Math-itude?

Jan 8, 2022 | Burlington


Ever wonder if your child's attitude towards math is hindering their progress? Can a bad attitude affect their grades? Read on…

A recent study called "Investigating Students' Attitude Towards Learning Mathematics" sheds more light on the subject. In their research, the University of Eastern Finland gathered data from 419 primary school students, 318 secondary school students, and 132 college students from 17 schools and 6 colleges. What they found was fascinating:

"A significant positive weak correlation between students’ attitude and performance was established. Mathematics’ enjoyment and attitude significantly predicted students’ performance in our data." 

So attitude has a real, measurable effect on educational outcome. Having a bad attitude about math can result in lower grades, less comprehension, and eventually, frustration and confusion. 

The good news? It can be remedied. 

One of the most common results we see at Mathnasium of Burlington is just that- a better attitude about math! In fact, we've been helping kids turn their math-itude around for 12 years. Here are some recent Mathnasium success stories, straight from the parents of our students:

  • "Mathnasium made a difference in my daughter’s perspective in Math. She now love(s) the subject and has her confidence back!" - G. S. 
  • "My kid came a long way in math, it was the best investment I could have (made). She actually enjoys going to Mathnasium." - S. O.
  • "Mathnasium is an excellent place to motivate kids to enjoy Math!" - H. B. 

Bring your child to your local Mathnasium at 3253 S Church St, Burlington, NC 27215. Our Director, Jennifer Gattis, would love to meet you and create a plan to build your student's confidence and math skills. Sign up now for a Risk-Free Assessment or Free Trial!