What Can New Students Expect at Mathnasium of Cherry Creek

May 15, 2024 | Cherry Creek

Q: What is the first thing a new student would do upon entering Mathnasium?

A: New students come in, and we introduce them to the check-in procedures (attendance on tablet and seat assignment). We take them to the book case to find their own binder. They go to their seat and then decorate the binder spine in any way they choose. After decoration of the spine, we begin with the work that was generated by their pre-assessment and prescribed by the learning plan. At the end of the session, we award stamps (punches) on the reward cards.

Q: What does the first session look like for new students?

A: We talk about what school they attend, what grade they are in, their family, etc. We try to build relationships with the students as they will succeed and produce better work if they know there is a knowledgeable and caring instructor to help them.

Q: Have you seen a student’s attitude towards math change?

A: Annie was scared to death on her first day at Mathnasium. She was in tears and didn't want to be there. With a lot of encouragement from her mother and the instructors, Annie is now one of our most successful students. She has been awarded Student of the Month, and loves coming to Mathnasium. She is no longer fearing her attendance.

Q: What do you wish students and parents knew before they brought their student to your center?

A: We are not a "one time fix all" center. It takes time to fill in those learning gaps and to show great progress. We will help with homework and test prep, but we are not an overnight cure for a good test grade. Consistency and practice are the keys to success in Math. Slow and steady wins the race!

We'd like your new students to feel at home in Mathnasium too. Visit our website for more information today!