A Year at Mathnasium of Cherry Hills!

Jan 16, 2024 | Cherry Hills

Q: What was your favorite math-success memory of 2023?

A: For Sierra, one of her personal favorite success memories was of a student, Eavan. Eavan came in and told the instructors that she never had any success in math. After a little while, she came in with her first ever 100% on a math test from school! She no longer hates and dreads the subject, and is starting to like it!

For James, he wants to give a shout out to Maia. She came to us and was failing her class. She's been coming in consistently and is now getting regular A's on her tests! She might not be on the point of liking math, but she is definitely doing better!

Q: Tell us about a student who really worked hard in 2023

A: Kohen has really matured over the past year. He has a lot more consistency and focus, and being able to learn quickly and retain. He's really improved in his overall knowledge!

Q: What have you noticed about your student’s math ability this year?

A: My student and I used to have regular arguments almost every night over math. I wasn't teaching it the way they were learning it in school and he didn't want to listen to me. Since finding Mathnasium and being enrolled with them, he's gotten the help he needs in homework and in school- AJ

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