Mathnasium of Coal Mountain's Top 5 Moments!

Apr 22, 2023 | Coal Mountain

1. Our favorite “aha!” moment with a student.

A: My favorite "aha" moment has to do with a middle school student who did not grasp the concepts surrounding integers. He had just taken a test at school and scored in the low 50's on this test. He wanted to study for a retake that was to be given before the end of the week. We printed the prescriptive covering Adding and Subtracting Integers, and began our review. Over the next 2 sessions, this student worked very hard and completed the mastery for this PK. He sat for his retake and received an "A" for his efforts. The student and his parents were super excited and happy in what he had achieved with the help of Mathnasium of Coal Mountain.

2. A time when a student earned a reward.

A: In our reward cabinet, we had an arts and craft kit that had a reward card requirement of 40 cards. We had several students who were interested in this reward and they developed a friendly competition on who was going to earn the award level first. The student who won the item completed 3 masteries during her session and on her mastery spin(s), she won 5 full cards. These awards plus the pages she completed on this day gave her just enough full cards to turn in the required 40 cards for the reward. The other students who had been competing with this student gave her high-fives and were just as excited for her accomplishment as she was.

3. Positive parent experience.

A: We have received many positive comments and reviews by the parents of our students. Many times, parents comment that they cannot believe that their student has improved in their math abilities, as well as, the increased confidence their student exhibits. One very memorable parent experience had to do with a 2nd grade student and this student's teacher. The parent asked us to participate in a teacher conference as her english skills were limited. Her daughter had been at Mathnasium after many years at another Learning Center. The teacher indicated that the progress achieved by this student while at Mathnasium had moved her well past her grade level and into Advance Math sessions at school.

4. Favorite ways to teach concepts.

A: Pi Day and Pi activities are always fun in our center. We typically hold a Pi Day party with many activities for the kids and their friends. We have lots of food: pizza, ice cream sundae and moon pie. We also teach concepts with Pi by measuring different objects or let the students create bracelets and color in Pi symbols.

5. A time when a student scored well on a test.

A: Each semester, we draw a winner of $100 for those who bring in a score of 100% on a quiz or test. We show off these quizzes or tests during the semester period. At the end of the semester, one student wins the $100 prize. We had over 60 entries during the first semester of the 22 / 23 school year.