Where Are They Now? Catching up with previous Mathnasium of Coal Mountain students

Nov 22, 2022 | Coal Mountain

Hello from Mathnasium of Coal Mountain! Today we want to introduce you to one of our previous students, Gavin Garison.

Gavin attended Mathnasium of Coal Mountain from 8 months ago.

Q: Do you remember what brought you into Mathnasium of Coal Mountain for the first time? A: I was struggling in Accelerated Precalculus and needed help.

Q: How did enrolling in Mathnasium affect your academic future? A: Enrolling in Mathnasium improved my grade and helped me understand the material better.

Q: Do you still use the math you learned at Mathnasium of Coal Mountain today? A: Yes. I am currently in Calculus and I am still applying what I was taught at Mathnasium.

Q: So, where are you now? A: I am now working at Mathnasium as an instructor and I am working on getting into a good college.

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