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Word Problem Wednesday: Math Practice Is Just Peachy

May 15, 2018 | Cottonwood Heights Blog

"There are a whole lot of things in this world of ours you haven't even started wondering about yet.”   â€•Roald Dahl, James and the Giant Peach Don't you agree that there’s a great big world out there to discover?&nb..

Word Problem Wednesday: Music, Multiplication, and Real Life Math

Apr 18, 2018 | Cottonwood Heights Blog

“There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.” -Pythagoras Here at Mathnasium Cottonwood Heights we love math and music.  Wouldn't you agree they go hand in hand?  Even when yo..

Word Problem Wednesday: Gingerbread Cookies

Dec 20, 2017 | Cottonwood Heights Blog

Q: How do elderly gingerbread people walk around? A: With candy canes! As you’re baking your tasty treats this holiday season, remember to bring your math skills with you into the kitchen—and everywhere! You can start with this week’..

Make a Gingerbread House Math Activity

Dec 11, 2017 | Cottonwood Heights Blog

  ‘Tis the season for sweet treats and warm holiday celebrations. As you snuggle up in your house with family and friends, we want to make your holiday even better with a fun and tasty math-based gingerbread house activity. Use our custom gingerbread r..

Word Problem Wednesday: Spin the Wheel, Win a Prize!

Jun 7, 2017 | Cottonwood Heights Blog

Step right up boys and girls! Step right up for a fun math challenge, because this week’s Word Problem has our heads spinning! Give it a try for yourself. A spinning prize wheel has four different varieties of prizes. 40% of the prizes are items ..


May 13, 2015 | Cottonwood Heights Blog

  Let's explore the world of Geometry before we dive into the fifth and final Operation Mathlete challenge! Geometry is the branch of mathematics where the imaginary world of numbers meets physical reality. It translates shapes..

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