Pi Day Here We Come!

Mar 6, 2019 | Diamond Bar

At Mathnasium, we are so excited for March! Not only do we have St. Patrick's Day and the start of Spring, but it is also the month when we math lovers celebrate one of our favorite holidays - Pi Day!

Why should we care about pi? 3.14... .The number may be irrational, but it can be found all over the natural world. It appears everywhere you find a circle, such as the disk of the sun, planets, and even the earth. Pi is in the physics that describes waves, such as light and sound. Pi even appears in the spiral of the DNA double helix! Based on the infinite, irrational number used to calculate the area and circumference of any and every circle, the number 3.14 is indispensable! This is why we care about pi, and it's why we're inviting you to celebrate this exceptional number with us!

On Thursday, March 14th, Mathnasium learning centers across the country and around the world will celebrate the number π by eating delicious circular foods, playing fun games and by doing math, of course!

If you want to celebrate pi with your family this month, we have some fun math learning activities to share with you.

Click here to see the blog post and print the activities for your family.