Word Problem Wednesday: Celebrating Pi Day

Mar 19, 2017 | Diamond Bar


Another fantastic Pi Day has come and gone.  What did YOU do to mark the day in a positive, irrational and/or constant way?  Solve today’s Word Problem Wednesday to see what Molly did… then come back tomorrow to check your answer!

Molly made Pi Day decorations for her math class. She traced rows and columns of 2–inch wide circles onto a sheet of construction paper before she cut them out. What was the largest number of circles Molly could have cut out of a sheet of paper that was 12 inches wide and 16 inches long?

Update: here's the solution!

Since the circles were 2 inches wide, Molly could have made 12 ÷ 2 = 6 columns of circles and 16 ÷ 2 = 8 rows of circles.  That means that she could have made a total of 6 x 8 = 48 circles.