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Jacob Shoberg

Assistant Center Director
Jacob is a graduate of Marquette University, where he minored in Engineering and took math classes up to Calclulus 3. Jacob loves to swim, read, watch movies and travel.

Favorite Band: Jukebox the Ghost

Favorite Movie: School of Rock

Fun Fact: He is a freelance videographer, specializing in corporate/ commercial videos.


Lead Instructor In-Center
Mathew has had an intense passion for math since he was given his first flashcards at 3 years old. He has experience with college-level math and has mentored middle and high school students in his community for several years. Mathew has worked as an operator, including food, paper, extrusion plastics, and printing.

Math Goals for the Future: Even if it "takes him forever", Mathew would like to push on to a doctorate in mathematics.


Amy earned her Bachelors of Education from UW - LaCrosse, her Masters of Education from Viterbo University, and her Early Childhood Math Intervention certification from UW - Oshkosh. She recently retired as a teacher and math interventionist from the Kaukauna school district.

Fun Fact: Amy loves to hike and bike!


Andrew is homeschooled, has completed AP Calculus BC, and is taking engineering classes at Tesla Engineering Charter School. He qualified for the AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Exam) from the AMC 10 (American Mathematics Competition). He also has 7 siblings that he helps with math!

Fun Fact: Andrew likes to play chess and tennis.

Math Topic he would like to learn: Multivariable Calculus


Anthony is a student at Appleton East High School and is actively involved in East's drama club, currently as the Stage Manager for the Patriot Productions Theater. In his free time, he likes to hang out with friends, organize his room, and read manga.

Fun Fact: Anthony's older sister Heaven was our first Mathnasium instructor!


Clara is a student at Appleton East High School in the Tesla Engineering Charter School, currently taking Calculus BC. She has three younger siblings at home that she gets to help with their math.

Fun Fact: Clara really likes French.

Math Topic I'd like to learn in the Future: Calculus shortcuts explanations.


Devin is a graduate of Beloit Memorial High School, where he was a member of the National Honors Society. He is currently pursuing a double major in Saxophone Performance and General Mathematics at Lawrence University.

Fun Fact: Devin was awarded the John Philip Sousa Band Award at the end of his senior year of high school.

Math Topic I'd like to learn in the Future:Linear Algebra.


Evan attends UW Madison, and is a graduate of Appleton East High School, where he was a member of the Appleton East Golf Team. He earned his Eagle Scout in Troop 8 and continues to mentor Cub Scouts.

Fun Fact: Evan can wiggle his ears!

Math Topic I'd like to learn in the Future: Physics and Calculus


Henry is a student at Appleton East High School, where he is involved in the Students Leadership Program, DECA, Dream Team (Freshman support program), soccer, and golf. He enjoys helping his brothers and sister with math and working with kids through umpiring baseball games.

Fun Fact: Henry has a dog named Hero.

Math Topic I'd like to learn in the Future:Derivatives


Jan holds a BS in Chemistry and Mathematics and also has his MBA. He had a 35-year career in research and development and has tutored at Fox Valley Technical College for 7 years.

Fun Fact: Jan loves to answer trivia questions!


Joe is a graduate of Kimberly High School and is currently attending UW Oshkosh, majoring in education and minoring in math. Joe has volunteered as a reading tutor at the Boys and Girls Club, and worked at the UW Oshkosh Math Problem Solving Contest.

Fun Fact: Joe has over 600 decimal digits of Pi memorized, and can mentally calculate the day of the week for any date in the past or future. (We've tested him, and he's the real deal!)

Math Topic I'd like to Learn in the Future: Calculus


Kyla is a graduate of Wrightstown High School and is attending Michigan Tech, majoring in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Computer Science. She started her Mathnasium career at a neighboring center in 2020.

Fun Fact: Kyla has a twin brother.

Math Topic I'd like to Learn in the Future: Kyla would like to learn more about Integrals.


Lauren is an alumnus of De Pere High School, currently attending Northern Michigan University majoring in Secondary Mathematics Education with a minor in music. Lauren was a teaching assistant in High School and worked as a math tutor during the summers. She really enjoys calculus!

Fun Fact: Lauren plays the flute and piccolo and is in marching, concert, and pep band at college!

Math Topic He would like to Learn in the Future: Double integrals in Calculus 3.


Mason is a student at Menasha High School and is a member of the math team. He is also on the track and field team, and plays the baritone (and euphonium!) in the band.

Fun Fact: Mason's dad is a teacher at Neenah High School! (not a math teacher... 😉)

Math Topic he would like to learn: Calculus


Mike is a graduate of Marquette University, with a BS in Electrical Engineering. He has tutored math and other subjects in person and remotely with the Appleton Area School District, Thaddeus Resources, and Upchieve. Mike worked with numbers every day in his previous career role as Electrical Construction Cost Estimator and as manager of that group, working with customized software and spreadsheets to compile and analyze this data.

Fun Fact: As a teenager, Mike submitted documentation of "coin snatching" 51 pennies to the Guinness World Record Book for consideration, breaking the posted record of 39, but was denied entry.

Math Topic I'd like to learn in the Future: Get reacquainted with some Calculus topics that he studied over 40 years ago!


Nathaniel is an Appleton East High School graduate and is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Mathematics Education at St. Norbert College. He has extensive experience with math and has taken classes through Calculus III, plus Linear Algebra and Proofs.

Fun Fact: He is a big Wisconsin sports fan, and enjoys watching the Packers, Brewers, and Bucks whenever they're on TV. He's been to several Brewers games, and he hopes to go to a Bucks game sometime in the near future.

Math Topic I'd like to learn in the Future: Nathaniel wants to learn more about modular arithmetic and its applications in the math world.


Nicholas is a student at St. Mary Catholic High School, and is a member of their math team.

Fun Fact: He likes to code, design, and build robots on a Vex Robotics team, and his team recently made it to the World Championship in Dallas, Texas. He deeply enjoys reading, and his favorite book series is The Lord of the Rings.

Math Topic He would like to Learn in the Future: Integration. He thinks it would be cool to know how to find the area under a curve.


Ransom is mostly homeschooled, and is active in theater. He enjoys babysitting and helping his friends with math.

Fun Fact: Ransom likes writing and reading short stories; especially fantasy.

Math Topic he would like to learn: Ransom is excited to learn all math concepts!


Rhyan is a student at Neehah High School and will be attending Arizona State University's honors college in the fall. She is involved in LAUNCH and has tutored peers at school, and plays soccer and golf.

Fun Fact: Rhyan can do the rainbow kick with a soccer ball!

Math Topic she would like to learn: Infinite series


Sayash is a student at Appleton East High School and Tesla Engineering Charter School and is aspiring to be an electrical engineer.

Fun Fact: There could be 365 or 8 billion birthdays.

Math Topic He would like to Learn in the Future: Derivatives


Seth is currently a student at UW Platteville, majoring in math education. 😊 He tutors peers at UW Platteville, and has spent summers as a camp counselor.

Fun Fact: Seth loves camping and backpacking!

Math Topic he would like to learn: Number Theory


Thomas is currently working on his bachelor's degree at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, where he also tutors his peers. He has an interest in chess (or chaturanga) variants - shogi, xiangqi, and tamerlane.

Fun Fact: His favorite color is teal.

Math Topic I'd like to Learn in the Future: Abstract algebra and Voronoi diagrams.


Tristin is a student at Neenah High School and is a member of Neenah's math team. He has an older brother and a younger sister, and enjoys playing tennis and watching movies in his free time.

Fun Fact: Tristin has three cats and a dog, and enjoys programming video games.

Math Topic I'd like to learn in the Future:Machine learning, and linear algebra.

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Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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