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Mathnasium of East Appleton Gets Results - Our Members Share their Stories

Apr 27, 2024 | East Appleton Blog

Mathnasium of East Appleton Builds Confidence and Improves Math Abilities Each day families around the Fox Valley entrust the Mathnasium of East Appleton team with their children's education.  Our team is committed to extraordinary math tutoring and ma..


Dec 1, 2023 | East Appleton Blog

Why do kids fear and struggle with fractions? Many kids fear fractions because they don’t understand how they work – they mix up the parts and don’t understand what they mean and what we do to them. Parents typically understand enough to get by in e..

This Summer - Give Your Child the Advantage for School Next Year

Apr 1, 2022 | East Appleton Blog

Summer is a time for fun, but it's also when kids lose up to 3 months of their math skills. Called "the summer slide," this seasonal learning loss can result in lower self-confidence and a lower chance of success in school in the fall. In only 2-3 session..

Mathnasium @Home Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Aug 1, 2021 | East Appleton Blog

Following is a Q&A collection for parents and guardians that explains details on Mathnasium @Home instruction, the virtual platform for learning Math in a way that makes sense to students. What is Mathnasium @Home? Mathnasium @Home is a tutoring too..

ACT Prep at Mathnasium

Dec 15, 2019 | East Appleton Blog

The ACT Test is taken by every high school student in the state of Wisconsin! It's a pretty big deal, especially for those looking to get into the college of their choice. We offer a flexible ACT Prep program at Mathnasium of East Appleton. Each week..

Host a Math Night at your school!

Nov 2, 2019 | East Appleton Blog

At Mathnasium, the nation's leading math-only learning center franchise, we are dedicated to helping children learn and understand math in ways that can change their lives forever. Our dedication to children does not end there. In efforts to assist all..

Why Summer Camp and Math Programs are a Great Pair

Mar 18, 2019 | East Appleton Blog

Summer is just around the corner. Do you know what your kids will be doing? While kids may dream of days filled with swimming, ice cream, and too much screen time, parents know that a little structure goes a long way towards keeping kids motivated, happy,..


Nov 12, 2018 | East Appleton Blog

Why do kids struggle with Algebra?   We’ve asked algebra teachers what skills they wish their students were better at coming into Algebra class? Their answers were always the same 3 skills: Multiplication facts, Fractions, and Integers.  So why are ..

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