Mathnasium of East Appleton Gets Results - Our Members Share their Stories

Apr 27, 2024 | East Appleton

Mathnasium of East Appleton Builds Confidence and Improves Math Abilities

Each day families around the Fox Valley entrust the Mathnasium of East Appleton team with their children's education.  Our team is committed to extraordinary math tutoring and math instruction.  We are always striving to earn the trust and respect of the families we serve. 

Our belief in a child’s potential, and our devotion to helping them achieve it, creates opportunities.  Opportunity to find understanding in the classroom. Opportunity to explore chosen career fields. Opportunity to succeed and achieve.

Below are stories of our families and how Mathnasium of East Appleton has impacted their student’s lives:


W.M. (Elementary School Parent)
Our daughter was having a challenging time with math in 2nd and 3rd grade. She was about a grade behind in knowledge when the year started. She had a fear of math. Mathnasium has changed her life! Over a period of 6-8 months she has caught up and loves math! She can't wait to go and reminds us constantly about getting her to Mathnasium! Their program, coaching, mentoring, and additional assistance with her homework is exactly what she needed. She loves the director and is making friends with the teachers! She feels safe and like she is connected with the program that walks her through at her pace. Thank you Mathnasium!


J.P. (Middle School Parent)
You guys were awesome. My daughter entered 8th grade with tons more confidence in herself in this area, and she is enjoying math now for the first time ... ever!


E.R. (Elementary School Parent)
We have been very happy and grateful for the staff at Mathnasium. My daughter enjoys going.


A.M. (Elementary School Parent)
We have had a very pleasant experience so far. My son’s confidence with math is growing and the staff is wonderful.


E.R. (Elementary School Parent)
We continue to be pleased with Mathnasium. A great environment for our daughter to learn. The instructors are great! Happy that they have a place like this in the valley for kids who need a little more help.


E.E. (Elementary School Parent)
Our daughter has really enjoyed going to Mathnasium. They really push her and help make math fun.


J.K. (High School Parent)

Just a thank you is not enough for everything Mathnasium has done for our daughter. Ellen is so passionate about helping our children, she and her team helped when the teachers and school failed our daughter. We could not have got through this year without them. They connected and helped in ways my husband and I couldn’t.


J.S. (High School Parent)
This was our first time with a Mathnasium and it was an excellent experience for my 15-year-old son. He hates math in school but ultimately didn’t mind going to this Mathnasium. With multiple teachers he never became bored and was happy doing the work. I can’t say enough great things too about the woman in charge of this branch! She truly cares about her students and made us feel at home. Mathnasium was able to identify problem math areas for my son, and in just a few weeks, his final testing showed a huge improvement. We had been seeing a math tutor all last year but our tutor was unable to help my son long term. I think the way Mathnasium works is great because my son didn’t just sit and listen to someone teach......he also had to do multiple math problems on his own proving he had grasped the concepts completely. At this branch kids have an opportunity to earn tickets and points for special prizes in the room. My 15 year old felt silly at first but I think he was happy to score some candy with his rewards. 😊
Thank you Mathnasium!


E.E. (Elementary School Parent)
Mathnasium has really helped my daughter's confidence and attitude toward math.


N.R. (Elementary School Parent)
It is a great experience for my 10 yr old daughter. She started to see Maths from a different perspective. She loves it. And I think it's the different ways to tackle math that she loves. Never in the world did I think she would insist on taking her to do Maths!! So thanks a ton to Mathnasium.


K.K. (Elementary School Parent)
Mathnasium has far surpassed my expectations so far. My 9-year-old actually likes going, even for a kid that does not like school. This provides my child with a strong foundation in the math building blocks that the school systems do not focus enough on.


M.W. (Elementary School Parent)
We have been working with Mathnasium for just over 6 months and I have seen remarkable improvements in my daughter. Her math skills have grown significantly, in addition to her self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning. Our family is so grateful for the amazing team at Mathnasium!!


K.L. (High School Parent)

Thank you so much for the support you have given in the past months!  My son felt so at ease with his instructors. He gained confidence! And he passed!  I would not hesitate to enroll my children in the future if the need arises. And I definitely will not wait as long! Thank you so much!


L.B. (Elementary School Parent)
Mathnasium has been great for my kids. Ellen and her team of instructors create a great environment for the kids to learn. I can see the difference in my kids’ attitude towards math already!


E.R. (Elementary School Parent)
I’m continually amazed at the progress and confidence my daughter has gained since coming to Mathnasium. So Thankful for Ellen and her team!!!


N.B. (Elementary School Parent)

Each of my kids benefits from their Mathnasium experience. Ellen and her team are terrific supports for the love and confidence in math.


S.S. (Elementary School Parent)
Our daughter has become a more confident math student! She went from feeling overwhelmed at school and arguing about homework to acing her math at school and asking to go to Mathnasium for homework help and learning! Mathnasium has been a game-changer for our family and daughter. We highly recommend this to any family that has seen their child experience frustration or needs extra assistance with math.


J.K. (Elementary School Parent)
I love everything about this program and the staff. They are such great cheerleaders and mentors for my son. He looks forward to going here!


K.C. (Elementary School Parent)
Mathnasium has changed our daughter's attitude toward math completely. She is succeeding in the classroom and we could not be happier. It’s worth every penny.


A.B. (High School Parent)
Our son has really been improving after going to Mathnasium. He was struggling (failing) his math class and now he has a B in the class. He also really enjoys the staff there.


J.L. (Middle School Parent)
I absolutely love Mathnasium. Ellen and all of the teachers there are amazing! They definitely work effortlessly to form a connection with you and your child. My son loved going. It helped boost his confidence in a couple of areas he was struggling in at the end of 5th grade. He is now doing great in math and his state score was way above his stretch goal for the year! I will continue to have him come during the summer months to work ahead and to retain his math from the year. He no longer says that he "stinks at math," every night and does his homework with confidence and without any prompting.


T.W. (Middle and High School Parent)
The Center Director does an amazing job connecting with students. Plus, the staff loves their work helping improve math skills and it shows!


L.B. (Elementary School Parent)
Ellen and her team are the greatest! My kids are achieving awesome results in the program.


B.D. (Elementary School Parent)
Ellen’s kindness, dedication, and commitment to excellence.


R.K. (Middle School Parent)
My daughter’s math was not good, but then we took a visit to Mathnasium, and now she has improved very well. We are so happy. Thank you


L.D. (High School Parent)
My daughter had a great experience at Mathnasium. The staff is friendly and extremely knowledgeable. She had a very successful experience with Calculus because of the tutoring she received at your location. Thank you!


G.P. (High School Student)
Mathnasium tutoring has been very helpful and has helped with my understanding of math and algebra.


K.L. (High School Parent)
The tutors are amazing! They are able to connect with my child and help him understand math in a way he was unable to before. They help with concepts and skills and homework if necessary. Their availability is very flexible. Mathnasium communicates with me on a regular basis to keep me updated on my child's progress and answer any questions I may have.


M.B. (Elementary School Parent)

Our girls were not feeling positive about their progression in math and with that their confidence in their ability decreased. Since starting Mathnasium we have seen an increase in their scoring at school, a rise in confidence and a smile on their faces after each session.


K.C. (Middle School Parent)
Our daughter had a lot of math anxiety and was intimidated by the subject. After working with Mathnasium not only did her grades improve but her confidence and her attitude toward math. We could not be happier with the results.


S.S. (High School Parent)
Mathnasium has been great to help our daughter get an extra boost in math and recap on a few things she just didn't quite get!


E.R. (Elementary School Parent)
My daughter had been going to Mathnasium since it opened. I have been so impressed with Ellen and her team!! They truly want these kids to succeed. In the last quarter of school my daughter improved her math grade in school from D+ up to a B-!!! She enjoys going and feels much better doing math homework than she ever did before. I give Mathnasium 5 Stars ⭐️

J.K. (Elementary School Parent)
Mathnasium allows kids to learn the fundamentals of math at their own pace. My daughter has improved in math and even her teacher has noticed the difference. Kids earn cards for the work they do which they can "cash" in for prizes. The prizes are really nice. My daughter just earned a Kindle fire 7!  Ellen has been very helpful every step of the way. She has been in contact with my daughter's teacher to get information on tests and any input to help her grow.  All the tutors are friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. They will explain things in many different ways so the kids understand and comprehend the information.  Everyone encourages the kids to learn and they make it fun to learn!


L.B. (Elementary School Parent)

My kids are having a great time and gaining confidence while they learn at Mathnasium. I would recommend the program for any family.


A.B. (High School Parent)
I just wanted to say thank you for this program.  I'm so happy we connected with you.  Our son came home last night and asked to go back tonight so he could continue working on the chapter 7 test before he retakes it tomorrow.  When he started going two weeks ago he was so hesitant and feeling so down because he kept saying he felt dumb.  I think now he is seeing it's helping and I'm so hoping this is the change!  Thanks again!!!


C.J. (Middle School Parent)
Thank you for all that you do! Our son loves to have something to do and his virtual, school workload is very light. He is really grooving on the virtual sessions and we are happy he wants to keep engaged – with math! Bravo to you and your team for embracing the crazy, figuring out the virtual learning better than most schools, and making this a real learning opportunity!


N.B. (Elementary School Parent)
We appreciate this service so much.


C.H. (High School Parent)
It’s so reassuring to have Mathnasium helping our son through this time. It’s just been so difficult with other classes.


K.L. (High School Parent)
Our son’s tutors have been amazing!.... I truly appreciate the patience and knowledge your team has! I know our son does as well!


G.P. (High School Student)
I wanted to say thank you to all of your crew, for helping me out along the way. Everyone at Mathnasium was more than willing to help me out and did. You have a great crew. I enjoyed learning from all of them. Mathnasium helped me "get" Algebra, which is not an easy task. Thank you for all of your help and encouragement also. Your encouragement kept me going when I had questions if I could make it or not. Thank you all again.


J.V. (High School Parent)
I was so impressed with the tutors assigned to my son! Ellen spent time talking with him before matching him with a tutor so he could get the most out of his experience! She did an amazing job! My son was able to connect and learn from both tutors he worked with! Mathnasium is an incredible program!


S.H. (Elementary School Parent)
My kids love going to Mathnasium. They love earning prizes and I love that several times a week they are working on key math skills.


N.Y. (Elementary School Parent)
My son is improving his skills and taking goal at school. We are very proud, and thankful for Mathanasium.


C.V. (Elementary and Middle School Parent)
Great staff and learning structure!! My kids love their sessions here. Quite satisfied with the program and the accomplishments my kids are making.


S.V. (Middle School Parent)
Great instructors, awesome staff, great results!


A.K. (Elementary School Parent)
Always doing everything they can to help the kids. Flexible in these challenging times to allow the kids to still succeed!


A.H. (High School Parent)
Ellen and her team make math fun and understandable for students at all ages and skill levels.


M.V. (High School Parent)
I love the fact that they know my child’s strengths and weaknesses, and the continued work zeros in on that. I love the fact that they have qualified staff. Scheduling is made so easy! Continual progress updates allows me to know where she is at in her learning.


K.G. (Middle School Parent)
The director, Ellen is very enthusiastic and great with the kids. She's does whatever she can to help your child succeed.


S.F. (Middle School Parent)
Kind and Caring staff. They explain Math to my child in a way she understands. Staff makes the process for getting help easy.


L.C. (Elementary School Parent)
Mathnasium is an excellent and welcoming place for kids to come for math help. The individual program established for each child is extensive and is designed to both meet the child where they currently are with regard to math proficiency and challenge the child to increase math ability and confidence. Ellen is amazing and so very willing to work with every family and child to make her program work. I highly recommend it.


R.R. (Middle School Parent)
My daughter has improved two full grades since we started a month ago. This is exactly what she needed!


T.W. (High School Parent)
The instructors keep my child engaged and improving his math skills and he loves working towards his goals and getting the small prizes along the way.


K.A. (Elementary School Parent)
Mrs Ellen is awesome!


C.V. (Elementary and Middle School Parent)
Staff are fabulous and the curriculum is very effective with my daughters. So happy we enrolled!!! I can see the positive impact in my girls’ mentality for math.


N.B. (High School Parent)
In only a couple of months, my daughter was able to bring her failing grade up to an A! My daughter has always struggled with math and for the first time ever, I'm actually seeing her enjoy math and looking forward to going to Mathnasium.


J.C. (Elementary School Parent)
We can already see a dramatic difference in Eli's confidence with new math concepts. He has mastered quite a few and has been given numerous compliments on his attentiveness concentration.


S.V. (Middle School Parent)
Mathnasium East is awesome! Ellen and her team do a great job building knowledge and confidence. Highly recommended!


K.S. (Elementary School Parent)
We have been very happy with our experience at Mathnasium. They personalize each learning plan according to each student's needs and work with the student to accomplish their goals.


S.F. (Middle School Parent)
Staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to accommodate my child's needs.


N.P. (Elementary School Parent)
Ellen is the best person I have ever worked with from different tutorial places.


K.V. (Elementary School Parent)
Mathnasium has dramatically improved my daughter's confidence with Math. She was always good at Math yet didn't like it because she didn't feel confident in her abilities. Through Mathnasium, Mara has excelled and is uber-confident in her ability to tackle any math problem that is thrown her way. She told me last week that she wants to be a NASA mathemetician when she grows up! Music to my ears - thank you Mathnasium!


M.B. (Elementary and Middle School Parent)
Our daughters have gained not only mathematical skills but confidence in math. Our oldest has recently been tested at school and her scoring reflects a whole year of learning in 3/4 months. For these very unique times we have been able to have virtual sessions and have our daughters make great strides in their skills. We highly recommend Ellen and her team at Mathnasium East!


A.F. (Elementary and Middle School Parent)
Kids love it there and teachers have commented on how they can see their progress.


A.K. (Elementary School Parent)
Great staff that always make our daughter excited to go back!


J.H. (Elementary School Parent)
My son was not being challenged enough in school and this has been so great. He loves going to 'math' and is learning so much!


K.G. (High School Parent)
This has helped me son understand math and he likes the one on one help to understand things that he doesn’t get.


M.J. V. (High School Parent)
Mathnasium is extremely well run! They have qualified instructors and are very detailed in planning your child’s instruction. More than that, they are in tune to your child’s needs-totally! A great investment in your child’s education!


B.V. (Middle School Parent)
It is clear that everyone at Mathnasium takes the success of my daughter very seriously.


F. S. (Elementary School Parent)
Very thorough, organized program. I love the strategies you use to help the kids learn/maintain math skills. I also love the fun things you incorporate into the program to keep the kids excited to come back. The communication is great, as well as the progress reports are helpful to know what he’s mastered/what he’s working on. Great job all around!


J. S. (Elementary School Parent)
Very happy with Mathasium and I love what the program has done for my daughter. She feels happy, encouraged, and supported here. With Mathasium she can view math as fun and not as a burden or with anxiety.


H.L. (Middle School Parent)
My daughter was falling behind and hated math. She cried for over an hour when I told her I had signed her up for mathnasium. She thought it was a punishment. Over the first few lessons, her opinion changed. She began looking forward to going. After a few months, her confidence has soared. Just yesterday at the mall, she asked me to wait. She wanted to figure out the price of the shirt that was 30% off. Not because she wanted the shirt, just because she knows how to do the math now.


S.S. (Middle School Parent)
Our experience at Mathnasium East Appleton has been nothing but great! We have both of our children enrolled and both find it fun and motivating. As parents that's important, but above all they are learning. Highly recommend!


A.G. (Elementary School Parent)
My daughter is already becoming more confident in such a short time being at Mathnasium. She's always looking forward to either going in center or at home lessons.


F.S. (Elementary School Parent)
I loved our experience with Mathnasium over summer. My son learned a lot using different strategies that made sense to him and they made learning fun!!


C.H. (Elementary School Parent)
Our daughter has learned so much in the short time she has been attending Mathnasium. She looks forward to going. We are very happy with our decision for her to attend. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful!


N.D. (High School Parent)
Our son has felt more confident since attending Mathnasium and his grades have improved. The tutors are very helpful. Thank you.


M.J. V.G. (High School Parent)
Mathnasium is an extraordinary place to get help for your children in the area of math! Ellen is an outstanding person to work with! Intelligence, organized, kind, understanding, and flexible, she treats your child like her own!! She meets your child where they are at, and never hesitates to make accommodations when needed. Mathnasium is a well-thought-out program, and can truly help your child with their math. Communication is excellent too! I highly recommend Mathnasium, and you will not find a better person to work with and to entrust your child with than Ellen!!


R.W (Elementary School Parent)
After just a couple sessions I noticed a dramatic increase in my daughter's confidence in math.


S.W. (Elementary School Parent)
Our daughter went from struggling/crying nearly every day with math. After a few short weeks with the team at Mathnasium, she is now excited about math. Her confidence has grown and she is starting to shine. The Mathnasium team keeps the development of math skills rewarding and exciting. A+ from our family!


D.W (Middle School Parent)
Mathnasium has been such a blessing to my child and our family. As full-time working parents, we struggled to find the time to academically support our child in math and our tips and strategies simply weren't sticking for her. We have tried Khan Academy, iReady, workbooks, math resource books, and one-on-one support with her educator this year and last year but nothing seemed to fully advance her skills to the necessary level to keep up in class. In fact, all these avenues seemed to have the reverse effect and she began to avoid math (watching YouTube videos during virtual learning and reading books during in-person instruction), having meltdowns whenever she got it wrong, and constantly said "I just don't get math and I never will". After working with Mathnasium for less than 2 months, she now says "I finally get it!" and yesterday she came home super excited that she'd "gotten the best grade she's ever received in math, only missing 1 AND got the top score in her class". This confidence booster has spilled over into her social life and yesterday she reported having "the best day yet" since returning to in-person instruction!


V.M. (Elementary School Parent)
We love Miss Ellen, Jacob and the staff. Our kids enjoy going to Mathnasium.


E.R. (Middle School Parent)
My daughter has come a long way with her math and I have Mathnasium to Thank for this!


S.C. (High School Parent)
Mathnasium gave us hope that we didn’t have before. Our daughter is finally starting to understand math. It’s giving her confidence in herself.


C.H. (Elementary School Parent)
Having our daughter attend Mathnasium has been one of the best decisions we have made for her future.


M.G. (Elementary School Parent)
My son loves going there and made serious gains in the time he was there.


T.W. (High School Parent)
Our child has been at Mathnasium since opening at East Appleton and has and continues to make steady progress! Ellen and staff are genuine in making each session productive and fun!


K.K. (Elementary School Parent)
Our kids loved the theme days! They talk about it all week and get so excited for the incentive-based work plan.


E.G. (Elementary School Parent)
My daughter loves Mathnasium! The staff is so friendly and they’re great at making math fun! She is learning so much and her confidence is soaring!!


M. V. (High School Parent)
I will continue to share my opinion with others, of what an OUTSTANDING program Mathnasium is, and what a phenomenal person you are! Always working so hard to meet each child's need to succeed, and truly caring about each student that walks in your door. The Fox Valley is truly Blessed to have someone of your caliber and a program as excellent as Mathnasium in our area serving the needs of students in need of help in math.


T.D. (Elementary School Parent)
My daughter is learning a lot and getting what she needs from your program!


C.K. (Elementary School Parent)
Very positive environment. Ellen is very understanding and listens very well to all concerns. She cares so much to learn all the kids names and will great everyone one of them when they walk in the building.


V.G. (Elementary School Parent)
Love the environment and energy of the facility. Staff is welcoming and personable. And my child doesn’t hate going!


T.W. (Elementary School Parent)
It has made math much more doable for my daughter with less frustration. And it has built up some confidence with the subject as well. Thank you!!!


J.S. (Elementary School Parent)
My daughter loves going to Mathnasium. She is getting challenged at every session!


C.V. (Elementary School Parent)
My son loves Mathnasium. He always returns happy & excited about everything he does in his sessions. I love that he randomly discusses math concepts in his day to day interactions with people. Math seems to be a normal thing to talk about. Thank you for the work you're doing with him. He loves Mathnasium!


N.P. (Elementary and Middle School Parent)
Will definitely make difference in your child’s math skills


E.B. (Elementary School Parent)
Loved how much the kids have learned and how far they’ve come in such a short amount of time! Ellen is an amazing person all the way around. She has passion for what she does and always has a smile on her face. My kids love her and the special days they put on the calendar. It makes them looking forward to attending each class. Would 1000000% recommend. Worth the price!


A.L. (Elementary School Parent)
Love the staff!


M.C. (Elementary School Parent)
Ellen is truly great as a business owner and as person. She has been extremely welcoming and has answered all my questions patiently. I am so happy to have found her and Mathnasium.


J.M. (High School Parent )
Great for students struggling with math concepts.


V.S. (Elementary School Parent)
A great place for kids to learn Math. My child is learning and doing a lot more Math now.


M.C. (Elementary School Parent)
I love how well organized this Math institute is. It is so easy to sign up for slots, there is a clear schedule and students always know what to expect. Communication with parents is consistent, through regular email reports and updates. Ellen is fabulous- always there to help you and promptly assist you. Every tutor is patient and really engaged to help my son understand. The learning environment is joyful, yet focused and geared towards achieving daily goals. Parents always know what students learned at the end of their lesson. My son always looks forward to attending Mathnasium and exits the building at pickup with a big smile on his face telling me with pride how much he completed and what he learned. Thank you, Mathnasium!


A.A. (High School Parent)
The program with both options to follow in the center and at home gave our child confidence. Improvements came after a while and she appreciates the different styles of instruction. The director and assistant are very accommodating and with a genuine interest on the progress- the Weilands


J.A. (Elementary School Parent)
Personal attention. Sincere care for students!


V.G. (Elementary School Parent)
They do a beautiful job helping my son fill in the gaps for skills he is missing so he will be able to understand what they are teaching now in class. It is a very welcoming environment and the owner is very personable. She knows each kid and welcomes them every time they come in. The rewards they earn are exactly what my son needed to become more motivated with math. I appreciate all they do with communicating with the school as well. It is a wonderful place.


V. L. S. (Elementary School Student)
Kids learn on different perspective, in a fun way and one on one instructors