5-STAR RATING - Mathnasium of Evanston Skokie

Nov 7, 2023 | Evanston Skokie

"My son's Math confidence was very low before he joined Mathnasium. He avoided working on Math and hated the subject. Now, he actively seeks Math in his daily life, his standardized test scores have improved, and most important, his confidence is back! We could not be happier with the change."

"My son has absolutely loved his experience at Mathnasium, and his confidence and skills have grown at a much faster rate than we ever imagined. Thank you so much!!"

"My son has gone from a kid who hated math and basically gave up on understanding math to a kid who enjoys going to the Mathnasium and learning new concepts week after week."

"This is our 1st child we ever enrolled into a SAT program like this so we didn’t know what to expect. Dylan loved his experience and the math was challenging enough. From his PSAT score to his first SAT taken in March his score went up by 100 points. Had I known about this earlier I would have signed D up since freshman year when he was not as busy as this junior year. I’m actually thinking of putting my younger 2 in also bc they do love math. Flexible hours, friendly staff and easy to work with."

"The Mathnasium in Skokie is first-rate and has been an excellent experience for my 10-year-old daughter. The staff manages to make learning math fun while providing good practice and keeping it challenging. The tutors are solid, and my daughter found they did an excellent job making sure she not only mastered the skills but also had a firm, foundational understanding of the principles behind the math problems. Ilan and his staff truly care about the kids."

"My child would now like to be a math teacher. If that isn't what success looks like, I don't know what does!"

"We were looking for a place for our son to get to enjoy and love math, not hate it, and Mathnasium is exactly that. He is more comfortable about math, is mastering the skills and is looking forward to every class he goes. Ilan and staff are well prepared, very understanding, and are really working to help your child. Thank you Mathnasium"