COVID Results Are In, Math is the Victim, and Here's What You Can Do About It!

Dec 27, 2022 | Evanston Skokie

Its may seem hard at times to avoid "fake news", but when the reporting is unanimous, it's pretty hard to brush off as fake.

And when it comes to Math proficiency, every news agency has come to the same conclusion.

The New York Times, NPR CNN, US News, NBC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, PBS, and Fox rarely agree, but on this they are of one voice, each linked here.
"Math scores dropped in nearly every state." "Math scores mark historic declines during pandemic." "Test scores dropped to lowest levels in decades."

The results are truly sobering, and your kids are unfortunately in good company. But there's a very clear fix that you've probably guessed - extra-curricular math instruction at Mathnasium of EvanstonSkokie.

Just ask any of the hundreds of students who have come through our doors. The only thing that will increase more than our students' scores is their confidence.

Together, we can make different headlines!