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Sep 9, 2015 | Evanston Skokie

Hi Leo

I wanted to let you know that Kinsey got her ISAT tests back for last year (meaning her 5th grade year) and for the first time in her life her math scores were higher than her reading score.  Further, and a first for her, she "Exceeded Standards" in math.  I feel very strongly this test result would not have happened had she not been at Mathnasium so THANK YOU!!!!!  She was just beaming and so proud of herself.




Berish, I just wanted to provide you with a email about how happy we are with how our son, Jack, progressed at Mathnasium. As you remember, Jack was one of your early students - starting in 4th grade almost 4 years ago. At the time, he was just "not getting" the basic skills and building blocks he needed for his math education. However, over the past few years, Jack has fallen "in love" with math, as Mathnasium helped him reach his potential. Now, using national testing norms (terra nova), Jack is a top 1% student in the country! In addition, his school has accelerated him, so that he is now taking honors algebra in the 7th grade - all of which would have been unthinkable a few years ago. I know that Jack has moved on, but my younger daughter is now there and is starting to thrive in the same way. As you already know, I have recommended your program to several friends and classmates of my children, and will continue to do so. Thanks,

Mr and Mrs. Brian Glassman



Dear Mathnasium of Skokie:

My daughter only had four weeks until her semester exam. There was a lot of content she didn’t understand. If she didn’t pass she would have had to repeat algebra. I signed her up at Mathnasium of Skokie and not only did she pass, she finished the semester with a high B. The staff is so friendly and wonderful that they helped her feel comfortable as well as taught her the concepts she needed to know. Thank you Mathnasium! We’re so excited to be a part of your team!


Dear Mathnasium of Skokie:

Our son Tyler was struggling in 8th grade math but excelling in all of his other classes. As parents we were concerned that he was not grasping and understanding this particular subject. That's when we enrolled him in Mathnasium in Skokie. The tutors were exceptional and very knowledgeable. They did not demoralize him when he made mistakes and encouraged him when challenged. Their approach to teaching was able to help him overcome the anxiety he often experienced when faced with an unfamiliar math problem. We noticed an immediate improvement in his math skills and he is now more confident when solving math problems. I recommend Skokie Mathnasium to anyone who needs help with math.

Henry Igunbor and Rose Karl


Dear Berish,

Thank you for helping my nine year old son, Max, succeed in math. When Max finished third grade, he was struggling with math and had lost his confidence. Since he has been attending Mathnasium, his attitude towards math has totally changed. He now enjoys being challenged by math. The environment at the center with Sammy and Ben makes math "cool" and fun. In just a short time, Max has gone from struggling with his times tables to learning long division. I also appreciate all of the kindness and understanding that I see you exude when you talk with your students. Please feel free to have any parents of prospective students contact me at the number below if they would like to discuss Mathnasium with me in further detail.

Dr. Ken Wind Pathology Dept. St. Joseph Hospital 


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