10 Ways Moms Make a Difference with Math

May 3, 2022 | South Friendswood

This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating the Moms of Mathnasium. We view the families of our students at Mathnasium of Friendswood as our own, and there is always a reason to celebrate the moms! To give them some recognition, we’re listing ten ways moms can make a math difference in their children's lives.  

1) Moms teach their children the basics early on. Moms are hands-on with their kids’ education from an early age. Whether it’s insisting on educational programming when they allow their kids to have screen time or singing songs that teach their children, moms have their eyes on the prize. When moms help their toddlers count, they’re starting the journey toward math excellence. 

2) They use everyday life to help their children gain math proficiency. Moms are constantly using math when dealing with their day-to-day life with their children. Working moms might show their kids the careful calculations that go into maintaining a busy work-life schedule. Moms that stay at home might show their kids math that goes into household tasks, like cooking (measuring cups for the win!) 

3) Moms can make a difference by talking to their preschoolers about math at home. A study conducted at the University of Michigan concluded: “These findings propose that some children seem to have more opportunities to learn mathematics at home than do other children, and those opportunities relate to the development of math skills at an early age.” 

4) Moms know that math is the key to their child’s success in the future. According to a USA Today article, “math is the language of science and the key to innovation.” By encouraging their kids to pursue their curiosity and use math while doing it, they improve their math skills.  

5) They encourage their children to pursue their interests, even if they seem ambitious. Most moms think that their child can do anything, and they’re right! Nobody sees the potential in a child better than his mother does. Some of the most ambitious career goals involve substantial amounts of math. With a mom telling them they can do it, a child can pursue math-heavy careers with no reservations and fully commit.  

6) Moms have the power to set a positive tone when it comes to math. There is research to show that if a mother has a negative attitude, her daughter will emulate that negative attitude. Moms have a superpower! If they can model a positive outlook on math study, they can give that same positive outlook to their children. Elizabeth Gunderson, a researcher at the University of Chicago, says, “Parents’ own personal feelings about math are likely to influence the messages they convey about math to their children,” so moms can tap into an enthusiasm about math that can become contagious to her children. 

7) They are their child’s biggest cheerleaders in the face of challenges. Moms can encourage their kids even when nothing else will. As a child begins to encounter difficult math concepts, this encouragement serves as a useful tool to overcome self-doubt.  

8) Moms recognize that each child is different, and has unique needs – especially when it comes to learning. At Mathnasium, we embrace this concept as well, which is why we have custom learning plans for each of our students.  

9) They create a positive math environment at home, which fosters math confidence in their children. Being confident with math is being skilled at math. When moms focus on building up their kids, great things can happen! 

10) They help their child avoid the summer slide by signing their child up for a program at Mathnasium! Our Mathnasium Moms are taking one of the most important steps in ensuring that their children not only excel at mathematics but that they have fun doing it! Mathnasium’s programs were designed by parents to help kids, so moms who choose Mathnasium of Friendswood are making the right choice! 

This year, moms (and other family members, of course!) have a wide range of options for enrolling in a Mathnasium of Friendswood program over the summer. Your child can attend any of our summer programs this summer to avoid any learning loss while they take a break from the regular school year. We offer: 

  • Summer 20 - Math Only!, where your child gets 20 1-hour visits throughout the summer. 

  • Summer Unlimited – Math Only!, where your child gets unlimited sessions throughout the summer. 

  • Summer 20 - Math, Computer Coding, and Robotics, where your child can attend 20 three-hour camp sessions offered at two different times a day.  

  • Summer Unlimited - Math, Computer Coding, and Robotics, where your child can attend as many three-hour camp sessions as you prefer them to. 

Summer math programs are essential to prevent the summer slide, so don’t delay in committing to one of our programs. If you sign up for one of these options before May 15th, you can receive $100 off the program or camp of your choice, so take advantage now on our website! Call us at (832) 569-5073 with any more questions you have about enrolling at Mathnasium this summer.