Don't Fall Behind This Spring!

Apr 4, 2022 | South Friendswood

In the past, we have highlighted how easily students can experience learning loss over summer break. The learning loss is called the “summer slide,” and evidence shows that students can lose 2-3 months’ worth of learning – 2.6 months, to be exact.  

We saw this effect appear again early during the Covid-19 pandemic. Students today need more support than ever to recover from learning loss during recent years. Texas law has recognized the importance of combatting this trend. This rationale led them to prescribe supplemental learning to combat the slides through the STAAR 30 program. At Mathnasium of Friendswood, we have provided years of supplemental learning for countless students, helping them catch up in their studies and excel to new levels. 

Interestingly, the kids who experience the most learning loss when “pausing” their learning during the summer are the ones who made the most strides the prior year. This data shows us the value of the continued implementation of supplemental learning! The kids who benefit the most are also the students more likely to fall behind if they suddenly take a break from learning. 

If your student was behind earlier in the school year and has made great strides this year, keep the trend going! On the other hand, if your student is currently behind in school, you should be vigilant about catching up and maintaining knowledge going into the summer break. The spring semester is full of distractions: the winter and spring breaks have proven to bring on learning lags similarly to summer break but on a slightly smaller scale! 

What can you do for your child to stay on pace?  

  • Consider supplemental learning a lifestyle change! Like a gym membership or a diet plan, supplemental learning is not a “quick fix,” and you could see results taper off once you stop using the programs. Your child will be in a better position using a Mathnasium program for a short period, but consistency puts them in the best position for achievement 

  • Start planning now for summer programs. Consistent practice at Mathnasium for just a few days a week throughout the summer keeps your child learning without gaps. Summer learning ensures that your student will stay on pace (no falling behind!), and they will continue to progress while their peers are experiencing the summer slide.  

  • Keep Mathnasium in your routine throughout the entire school year. Your child’s classroom instruction depends on where each student falls on the learning spectrum. On the other hand, Mathnasium tailors your child’s instruction based on their particular understanding of mathematical concepts.  

If you wait until summer to start supplemental learning (or if you decide to pause through the school year) your child will learn at a pace designed for the entire class. If your child is ahead, they simply are not being stimulated. If your child is behind, their gaps in understanding lead to frustration and, eventually, even higher learning deficits.  

  • Choose an option for learning that your child will love! At Mathnasium, we frequently encounter parents and kids that tell us that they are not “math people.” This mentality holds your child back from math achievement! Not only do they already believe that they cannot excel, but they associate practicing math with a negative experience.  

Mathnasium changes the game. We employ different learning strategies for different children. We find the math genius within each student we help, and we make math fun! The bottom line is that Mathnasium is different.  

  • Establish a routine. The extra activities during the spring semester – spring break, standardized testing, and special end-of-year events – are part of your child's school experience. However, these activities are also distractions. Children thrive on routine, so do your best to establish consistency however you can during these times. For example, consistent extracurriculars keep the ball rolling throughout the spring and summer months.  

Physical activity is important. Consistent sleep is important. And supplemental learning at Mathnasium is important. Significant interruptions to these routines can cause more damage than they are worth. This is not to say that your child's routine can never be interrupted here and there –we believe kids should let loose a little in the summertime, too! However, stopping all learning and commitments during the summer can backfire. 

Consistent learning is the best defense against summer learning loss, and Mathnasium of Friendswood can help! If your student has enrolled in our programs in the past, you know how beneficial supplemental learning can be. Our affordable programs do it all: they stimulate your student academically while getting them excited to learn. Stick with us throughout the school year, and think about taking advantage of our summer offerings this year. We would love to have fun learning with your child all spring and summer long! Click the button below for a free assessment or to discuss which learning options would work best for your family’s needs.