The Story of Your Local Mathnasium - Fruit Cove

Jun 24, 2023 | Fruit Cove

1. When was your center/re’s grand opening??

A: Fruit Cove first opened in 2014 and the current owner has been in Fruit Cove since October 2021.

2. Of all your employees, who has been with you the longest?

A: Julia has been here the longest and she will be here 2 years this August. She has worked up to being the Assistant Director for the Center. Way to go Julia!

3. Who is the owner/director of your center?

A: Our Center Director is Marcella Watry and she has been working here since Dec. 1, 2022. She has 35 years in education- 24 years as a middle school teacher and 11 years as a principal.

4. What local schools does your center serve?

A: Some of the schools we serve are Fruit Cove schools, Swiss Point, Julington Creek, etc.

5. What are parents saying about your center?

A: "My daughter is enjoying math more, less stress at home over homework, and she thinks the tutors are cool and helpful!"