Mathnasium of Germantown MD Explains Why Having Math Skills is SO Helpful

Sep 15, 2023 | Germantown MD

Q: Tell me about a time when having math skills came in handy

A: When you are getting groceries and the cashier gives you the wrong amount of change!

Q: Tell me about a memory you have of learning math

A: In high school, I was learning Calculus and was struggling to remember one of the rules for division until my teacher gave me a fun way to remember it!

Q: What are some of the benefits of the Mathnasium Method?

A: The Mathnasium Method is amazing for helping students not only understand why the math works, but also gives them great boosts in confidence as well!

Q: What could Mathnasium have helped you with when you were a student?

A: In high school, I was very bad at getting my homework done and remembering to study. Mathnasium helps students all the time with both!

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