The Mathnasium Difference: Building the Foundation for Math Success

Sep 12, 2018 | Gilbert


As a parent, you understand how it feels when your child comes home from school, solemn, and hands you their report card.

It’s what you expected. Bad marks in math. Again.

It’s frustrating. It’s maddening. It doesn’t seem to make a different when you hire tutors or attempt to make quick fixes before your child’s major assignments. You don’t know what to do and the battle seems endless. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to help mathematics get through your child’s head. Once you accomplish one milestone, it seems like the next math concept is millions of miles away and it seems that your child’s confusion with math is only growing.

What you, and your child, probably don’t understand, is that math isn’t a quick fix at all. Tutors and fast-paced math crams before an exam aren’t going to fix your child’s understanding of math because you’re not sitting down and taking the time create a solid math foundation.

That’s where Mathnasium of Gilbert can help.

The Mathnasium Difference

Most math strategies and tutors approach math with a band-aid approach – getting homework done and in on time without ever building a solid math foundation. Mathnasium specializes in a different kind of math training. Instead of just turning in homework to make a quick A, we work with our students to build a core foundation that builds confidence, changes attitude, and creates a better math understanding overall so that students can face their own math challenges on their own with the determination and readiness they need to succeed.

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Mathnasium helps children grades k-12 better understand math concepts by aiming to get to know your child better. Everyone learns differently – there’s no one size fits all math approach that will magically improve your child’s grasp on math. Instead, it takes time, effort, and dedication to understand what will help your child learn best. That’s where the Mathnasium difference lies – in tutors who care about your child, can provide a fostering environment that helps children thrive and learn, and take on a unique, specific-to-your-child solution that helps them progress quickly, happily, and readily.

How Mathnasium Can Help

At Mathnasium, we pinpoint your child’s learning needs, meet them where they are, and help take them where they need to go. We can’t do that without understanding your child, so our instructors go the extra mile to better understand your child and their specific needs. First, your child will undergo a special, unique assessment process to determine what your child knows and what they might be missing out on. Next, a customized learning plan is developed based on your child’s unique needs and on the concepts that will help them build a foundation for mathematical thinking. Finally, we throw in encouraging instructors who truly care about your child’s math comprehension – not just turning in their homework. With retention, comprehension, and excitement in mind, the results are transformative! With Mathnasium, your child will experience a difference in their attitude, their confidence, and their progress.

We can help your kids develop their math skills right now, so don’t wait until the first report card comes out to scramble and find a math tutor for your child.  The Mathnasium of Gilbert team is here to help math make sense to everyone. Call us today at (480) 782-7987 to find out more about our program and to get your child started on the Math success journey!

Schedule a FREE Math Skills Assessment and We’ll pinpoint your child’s learning needs and create a personalized program designed to meet them where they are and take them where they need to go.

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