Where Does Your Child Do Math Homework?

Sep 4, 2017 | Gilbert

Math Homework Deserves a Special Place

Children don’t excel in math (or reading, or dance, or karate, or anything) by accident. It takes focus and work. Think about it. People go to art studios, swimming pools, dance studios, libraries, dojos, gyms, and all kinds of special places to improve various skills. Each place sets up a specialized environment. People do research in libraries because they have books, computers, and librarians. Dancer go to dance studios with mirrors, wide open floor space, and a sound system. Students do math at the kitchen table because … um … wait … why do students do math homework at the kitchen table?

Can people dance in a library? Sure, but it isn’t the best place. Dancers would get bruised knocking into the bookshelves. Can researchers do research in a dance studio? Well, yes, but a library is better. The dance teacher won’t be much help as a librarian would be. Can kids do math at the kitchen table? Kind of, but it isn’t the best spot.

Where Does Your Child Do Math Homework?

  1. If you answered, “the kitchen table,” ask yourself a few questions.
  2. “What makes the kitchen table the best place for math homework?”
  3. “Does it provide an ideal setting for learning?”
  4. “Is it a distraction-free and clutter-free space?
  5. “Does it have all the tools nearby needed for doing math homework?”
  6. If the kitchen table isn’t the best spot to focus, where would be better?

Math homework at the kitchen table might be convenient for you to help while you make dinner or do the dishes, but it isn’t suited for thinking and concentrating. Skeptical? Try doing a challenging math problem while someone nearby is cooking or watching t.v. Chances are you will have a hard time focusing, make mistakes and get frustrated. A quiet dedicated homework zone (without any screens!) is better for children to concentrate.

Where is the Ideal Place for Math Homework?

Mathnasium of Gilbert is the perfect place to go. We have a quiet and organized atmosphere with instructors who are really enthusiastic about math (Check out our specially trained Team!). Our walls have fun and inspirational math sayings. Our tables and shelves have all the tools kids need to focus on building their math brain. We know that math brains come from dedication to the pursuit of math excellence.

90% of our students report an increase in math confidence and skills. Check out our Results! Can your kitchen table make the same claim? If not, get your kids to the place where all we do is math, Mathnasium of Gilbert.

We Make Math Make Sense!

Find out more about The Mathnasium MethodTM and Schedule your Free Trial! You could even stop in and say hello. We are conveniently located at NWC of Gilbert and Warner Road next to Subway and Panda Express. You can reach us at (480) 782-7987 for more informaton.

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