Our Favorite Success Stories in Mathnasium of Glen Mills

Aug 15, 2023 | Glen Mills

We love hearing about the success stories in our center. Visit our website for more information today.

Q: What has become easier for you since you started coming to Mathnasium?

A: Lucy says: "graphing and learning that slope have become so much more easier now for me. I feel better about going back to school and not worried that I will not understand Algebra II".

Q: What is your favorite Mathnasium Memory?

A: Karen says her favorite memory is the PI Day event and the math nights. "I had so much fun playing games and winning prizes!"

Q: What has been your favorite lesson at Mathnasium?

A: Kim says that he is ready to learn Geometry this fall. Mathnasium has helped him understand the different formulas so that he can understand what the teacher is going over in class. He will be better prepared in the fast-paced Honors class.

Q: Do you feel different at math class since you’ve been coming to Mathnasium?

A: Carlos says that when he goes to class he is able to understand what the lesson is for the day because he already went over the material in Mathnasium. He says that his tests are easier now!

Q: What is the greatest benefit you see in your child after enrolling them at Mathnasium?

A: "I just received my son's last report card and he went from a 'D' to an 'A'. The teacher even sent me an email about how well my son is doing. She can tell that getting help from Mathnasium has really helped my son, and that she is so happy to see him engaged more in class due to his increased confidence in Math."

We'd love to see how we can help your student become a Math Success Story too!