Problem of the Week

Aug 17, 2022 | Greenhaven

Lower Elementary: Question: A red-eyed tree frog has 4 toes on each front foot and 5 toes on each back foot. How many toes does a red-eyed tree frog have?

Upper Elementary: Question: Luke says he saw a piranha that was 4¾ inches long. Howard says he saw a piranha that was 4.7 inches long. Who saw the bigger piranha?

Middle School: Question: A kapok tree is 200 feet tall. A vine growing up the trunk of the tree overtakes 10% of the tree’s remaining height each week. How high does the vine reach after 3 weeks?

Algebra and Up: Question: A biologist is monitoring a flock of toucans. The biologist determines that the number of toucans in the flock can be estimated using the function f(n) = 22 + 3n, wherein n is the number of toucan nests that the biologist counts in the flock’s territory. If the biologist counts 5 nests, what is the estimated number of toucans?