Student of the Month - April 2022

May 10, 2022 | Greenhaven

At Mathnasium of Greenhaven, we love seeing progress. (And we get to see it quite often). Progress looks different from student to student, thought. 

- Some advance by earning better grades at school (90% of our students, to be exact). 

- Some advance by increasing their math skills (94% of our students). 

- Some advance by changing their attitude to be more positive about math (93% of our students). 

Mathnasium of Greenhaven is helping kids achieve these results all over. One student, in particular, has caught out attention this month. 

Our Student of the Month for April 2022 is Illiana!  

We love seeing students who work hard and balance their learning with all other aspects of their busy lives. Illiana embodies these characteristics by coming into our center multiple days a week while balancing attending practices for her sports teams. Illiana has developed strong study skills and we love seeing how much she has grown due to all her hard work and dedication. 

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