What exactly is a Comprehensive Assessment at Mathnasium of Greenville Five Forks?

Jul 20, 2023 | Greenville Five Forks

Let's learn a bit more about what a Comprehensive Assessment at Mathnasium of Greenville Five Forks looks like.

Q: What is a comprehensive assessment?

A: Mathnasium's comprehensive assessment is a tool we use to measure a student's current math skill. We give this assessment to each student as they enroll in our program.

Q: What things do you learn about a student when they take a comprehensive assessment?

A: This assessment tells us where a student is on their math journey. We can learn where a student's strengths lie, as well as, what they are struggling with. We can determine if there are any gaps that need to be addressed.

Q: What is a customized learning plan?

A: The results of the comprehensive assessment is used to develop a customized learning plan that is unique to each student's needs. Students progress at their own rate, building skill and understanding.

Q: How do you gauge progress?

A: As students progress through their learning plan, they will encounter what we call a Mastery Check. This is a 'quiz' to determine if a concept has been mastered. Periodically, students are also given a Progress Check to make sure they are retaining what they have learned. This way, if a student needs to revisit a concept, we can do that. At Mathnasium, we are continually assessing skill and understanding so student can continue to grow.