Mathnasium of Hacienda - Our Safety Pledge and Protocol

Nov 26, 2020 | Hacienda Heights

Greetings Parent/Guardian!

First and foremost, we are still OPEN!

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we navigate through the challenges brought on by COVID. As a result, we have updated our center’s policies to better protect our students and instructors. Please note that we will continue to offer our Mathnasium@Home services.

In-Center Sessions: To accommodate social distancing guidelines, all sessions must be scheduled in-advance. In addition, we will limit the number of students per hour. Each desk will be limited to one student, except siblings.

Face Coverings: All students are required to wear a face mask. Instructors will wear a face mask and shield. We cannot make any exceptions at this time. If your child(ren) needs a face mask, we will provide one at no-cost and kept in their binder for future use. Additional masks will be provided at a cost.  

Our Safety Pledge

Here’s what we’re doing:

  • We enhanced the techniques used to clean our center, including desks, chairs and binders. Desks, chairs and binders will be cleaned after each session with CDC approved sanitizing products. In addition, we will pay special attention to high-touch points such as doors, handles and light switches.
  • We pre-treated the Center and A/C vents with FDA/NSF approved safe TiO2/Ultra-Violet Photocatalysis (UV-PCO) that will continuously break-down organic matter for months using the power of light.
  • We placed additional sanitizing stations throughout the center.
  • We installed HEPA air cleaner with carbon filter and plasma wave technology that removes 99.97% of airborne microbes.

New Sign In/Out Procedures

When your child(ren) enters the center, they will follow directions to stay 6 feet apart. We will sign them in and use non-contact infrared thermometers to take the students’ temperature. The student will be asked to clean their hands at the touch-less sanitizing station.

Once the tables have been cleared and cleaned, your student will be directed to the seat by their instructor. Only Students and Instructors are allowed to be inside the center. Instructors are required to used face shield and mask. 

After the session has ended, we will clean the desk, chair and binder. Students do not need to use the tablets to check in/out.

Updated Center Layout

To accommodate social distancing guidelines, we have re-arranged our center to follow the 6 feet distance rule.  As a result, only ONE student per table, except siblings. We have also limited the number of students per hour. Sessions must be scheduled in-advance.  

All high touch areas will be cleaned regularly throughout the day. Student binders will now be handled by staff only, and students will have their own pencils, erasers, scratch paper inside their binder.  We will still have all of our prizes and fun rewards! Instructors will be glad to retrieve rewards our students’ requests.

Thank YOU for your continued support!