Mathnasium vs. Other Tutoring Options

Nov 1, 2020 | Hacienda Heights

If you’ve never heard of Mathnasium, you may not know about the many ways we take learning above and beyond. From our extensive vetting process to our customized curriculum to our revolutionary instruction, here are just a few things that set Mathnasium apart from the competition!




Mathnasium vs. Kumon



Many of our parents are familiar with Kumon. Unfortunately, many of them find us because Kumon hasn’t helped, or has even hurt their students! Here are a few important differences to know about:


Kumon centers only have one or two instructors and lots of “graders”. Kumon hires high school students to grade worksheets. Only a few employees per center are ready to instruct students within a very limited timeframe.


Our instructors are all carefully vetted, trained, and overseen! Mathnasium of Garden Grove boasts one of the most rigorous instructor selection processes around. Out of hundreds of applicants, only a select few make it through the examination, interview, and training. Our instructors are really the top of the top!


Kumon centers put each student through the same workbooks. Kumon tests students only to put them all through the same materials. No matter what the student’s learning style or gaps, they use the same materials as other Kumon students. Students are sent home with homework packets that usually end up just reinforcing bad habits.


Our students all receive a customized learning plan engineered for their exact needs! After their free assessment, every Mathnasium student works through a tailor-made learning plan that precisely addresses their needs. They don’t waste time on content they already know, but they also don’t jump into material that they can’t understand. On top of the personalized materials, each student is taught in the style that works best for them in a face-to-face, one-to-one environment, ensuring that they receive the direction and guidance they need!




Mathnasium vs. Private Tutors



Many of our instructors have been private tutors at one point or another, but universally, we know Mathnasium does a better job all around! Here are some important ways that Mathnasium delivers a better value and better results than even the best private tutors.


Private tutors almost always lack the support needed to help students truly succeed. Most private tutors are high school to college age students who have limited knowledge and experience. Many of their students end up being guinea pigs instead of clients!


Mathnasium instructors have the support of a time-tested curriculum, expert staff, and supplementary resources! When it comes to education, nothing beats experience. Our instructors have worked with all sorts of students, from young to old and from struggling to advanced! As the math education experts, we make sure our students grow to achieve their goals without the uncertainty of an inexperienced tutor!


Private tutors don’t have the resources to REALLY solve the problems. Most private tutors offer help with homework and review for upcoming tests. What they don’t have the means or materials for is addressing the foundational issues behind students’ struggles. Instead of truly improving, students get stuck in an endless cycle of playing catch-up.


Mathnasium pinpoints the exact reasons students are struggling, and has the right materials to treat them! Instead of just treating the symptoms, Mathnasium gets right down to the roots of students’ struggles. We know that when we lay a strong foundation of deep understanding for our students, they will thrive! By spending each session going over both foundational math and current coursework, our students balance the important work of catching up with the urgent work of staying afloat in class.



These are just a few of the many things that make Mathnasium stand taller than the competition. We would love to invite you into our center to show you just much how the hard work and care we invest in our students pays off!


To schedule your FREE assessment, find a time on the calendar below! Assessments are completely free, and a great way to find out if Mathnasium is right for you!


Mathnasium vs. Huntington and Sylvan



Though Huntington and Sylvan are largely in decline, we know that some of our families are familiar with their names. Here are a few of the key points that set us apart from these two learning brands!


To be frank: They're expensive!! While Huntington and Sylvan are among our more reliable competition in the market, their going rates meet and often exceed those of private tutors! An hour of instruction at Sylvan or Huntington can cost as much as $75. For how much they cost, their student to teacher ratios are unreasonably high--sometimes anywhere from 10 to 20 students per instructor!



Mathnasium offers excellent value at a reasonable price! At Mathnasium, we believe that our students deserve best we can give! That's why we firmly maintain our small group instruction ratios, ensuring that every student receives the attention they need. We help our families to get connected to the thorough, attentive care their students need without breaking the bank, and we lead the way in providing excellent service at the right price!


Huntington and Sylvan spread themselves thin, resulting in slow progress across the board. While Huntington and Sylvan offer tutoring in an extremely wide number of subjects, as a result, their expertise can run thin. With so many subjects to teach, both their students and their staff can have a tough time digging deep into any one topic.



Mathnasium helps students to dive deep into math, leading to more focused and more helpful results! At Mathnasium, we're the math experts! Our laser-focus in math means that all of our instructors are truly experts in their fields, able to teach our students in a way that only experts can. Instead of splitting up our precious time with our students among a variety of subjects, we make sure that our students master the math--and in mastering it, they tend to develop their critical reading, problem solving, and studying skills as well!


On top of this, we find that when students overcome their challenges in math (often their most difficult subject), their entire outlook on learning changes. When they learn just how much they are capable of, they begin to soar all around!






Mathnasium vs. Mom & Pop Tutoring Centers



Before we talk about this, we want to be clear: we love small businesses! We know firsthand the risk and adventure that comes with starting from scratch. But when it comes to providing the best possible product and results for your family, here's a few ways Mathnasium makes all the difference.


Mom and pop tutoring centers lack the support needed to help your student with any problem that comes their way. When it comes to unique situations like new (and especially Common Core!) curriculum or different methods a teacher uses, mom and pop centers can be at a loss for how exactly to help your student. When methods change, it may take them years to really know how best to address the unique challenges your students faces in the classroom.


Mathnasium centers have the support of an awesome, experienced, and dedicated education team! For starters, our team at Mathnasium of Garden Grove is already chock full of instructors who have worked in schools or are currently working in schools, giving us the advantage in experience from the get-go. But more than that, we have the support of an education department that spends all the time necessary to make sure our instructors are up-to-date and on the leading edge of curriculum and methodology. In a time where math content can be more confusing than ever, we provide our students with the right instruction to make sure they pull through!


Mom and pop centers have shaky results at best. Whether it's because of a lack of years in the business or inconsistency in their methods, mom and pop centers can be a shot in the dark; whether your student will excel or fall flat may be up to chance.



Mathnasium has a long history and plenty of testimonies of proven results! Don't take our word for it--read our parent testimonies or check out our company's track record as a whole! We know that the results are what counts in the end, and our students' improvements and confidence in math are the best testimony we have to our success!






Mathnasium of Garden Grove Pride!



At Mathnasium of Garden Grove (and our sister center, Mathnasium of West Grove), we boast the best instructors around, both in and out of the company! Our instructors must pass a set of rigorous exams that indicate their readiness to teach students through pre-calculus, and then undergo a continuous training process to hone their skills. Out of the hundreds of applicants we have interviewed, only a select few have made it through--the awesome staff that you can read about on our website!






We hope this information has been helpful to you, and we would love to explore more about the many incredible things Mathnasium has to offer with you!



To schedule your FREE assessment, find a time on the calendar below! Assessments are completely free, and a great way to find out if Mathnasium is right for you!