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Assistant Center Director
Marissa is a 2020 graduate from Creekview High School and joined the Mathnasium team as their Marketing Intern in June 2019. She was previously enrolled as a student at Mathnasium of Holly Springs and thoroughly enjoyed the positive atmosphere the instructors created for the students. Throughout the years, Marissa has been promoted and now works as Mathnasium's Assistant Center Director while attending Reinhardt University to focus on a Business Marketing and Human Resource Management degree. Outside of her job, Marissa enjoys dog sitting, walking, attending concerts, and spending time with friends and family.


Molly is a freshman at Kennesaw State University, which she previously dual enrolled at for the past two years. Molly is majoring in Business with an interest in Entrepreneurship. This upcoming fall semester, Molly will be taking a Statistics class, which she is looking forward to! Molly has always liked math and enjoys being able to help students understand it better and aim to show them that math can be really fun! She hopes to improve each student's understanding of math and how to approach it with helpful strategies that will make math less difficult and intimidating. Outside of school, Molly enjoys going on nature walks, traveling, going to concerts, the beach, reading, shopping, and attending the University of Georgia football games!


Nori is a junior at Roswell High School. She is looking forward to taking AP Calculus BC this school year because it's a new area of mathematics for her to learn that widely applied prior mathematical knowledge. She finds improving students' math skills as an instructor fulfilling and loves seeing them gain a deeper understanding of the material so that they can better apply it to new math skills they may learn in the future. After high school, Nori plans to go into the medical field, either actively practicing as a doctor or doing research. Outside of work, Nori enjoys reading, playing piano, swimming, traveling, and hiking.


Samantha is a junior at Creekview High School. This year she is taking AP Calculus AB. Samantha really likes working with kids and other people, and learning more about them. She enjoys helping others improve their math skills and becoming as efficient as they can in math. Outside of school, Samantha enjoys reading, singing, and doing track.


Jalen is pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Kennesaw State University . Throughout the years, he has taken several math classes, such as Calculus I, Calculus II, Discrete Mathematics, and a statistics class that involved coding in Python. Out of all the math classes he has taken, he has enjoyed Discrete Mathematics the most. The course filled in the gaps of the math knowledge needed for a computer science degree. The course focused on proofs and represented logical arguments and ideas using mathematics. Jalen enjoys working with students and helping students learn new skills. When he is not teaching students, Jalen enjoys outdoor activities, such as backpacking, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, etc. He also really loves music; there is something in every genre that he enjoys, but he definitely has a preference for songwriters. Folk music written by someone with something real to say in their music is usually what gets to Jalen the most. He loves playing guitar and occasionally writes songs himself so he really enjoys seeing others write songs as well; Jalen can express himself through music much better than words most of the time. He also really likes to read in his spare time.


Sophia is a junior at Woodstock High School. This year she is taking AP Calculus AB/BC. Sophia loves working with kids and discovering the different thought processes they use to answer problems, as well as making solving them fun! After high school, she hopes to attend Emory University and eventually become a pediatrician. Outside of school, Sophia plays violin for the Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra and swims for her high school team.


Connor is a junior at Sequoyah High School. He is currently taking AP calculus BC and plans to take even higher levels of math in the future. He hopes to go to Georgia Tech and use the skills he has learned in math to help advance him into the field of aerospace engineering. Like his mother, Connor loves to teach math and help kids understand complex topics as he finds it very fulfilling. When he is not focused on math or academics, Connor also likes to play chess and solve rubix cubes.


Travis grew up here in Hickory Flat and graduated from Sequoyah in 2011 before going to KSU as a math major. AP calculus at Sequoyah stood out as a clear favorite math class for multiple reasons. Mr. Kohler was the AP calculus teacher, and he had a great intuition and awareness for teaching- many would comment how he could tell where you were struggling even before you knew how to describe where you were stuck as a student. Having a great teacher definitely amplified how Calculus helped to glue together many years of Algebra and previous math subjects. Alongside new information, Calculus helped with an ability to graph and solve equations mentally almost instantly that used to take 10 minutes or more in Algebra 1 or 2. Outside of math, Travis enjoys being outdoors. Sports such as baseball, basketball, and football shaped much of his younger days right alongside the dirt bikes, skateboards, and anything else he could find to have fun. This energy and willingness to be outside has continued into his current years as you’ll often find Travis out on the lake fishing/kayaking, bowling, or working outside on some project or another. Travis claims to also spend as much time with his 3 dogs Jack (22), Leo (5), and Luna (2) as he does any humans; they will always have a special place in life.

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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