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Nov 17, 2021 | Lake Country

The ACT Test is taken by every high school student in the state of Wisconsin! It's a pretty big deal, especially for those looking to get into a good college.

We offer a flexible ACT Prep program at Mathnasium of Lake Country. Each week you get two one-hour sessions strictly focused on the math portion of the ACT. The best part is that you can schedule your own times to ensure you can easily fit it into your own schedule. Just two hours a week of ACT Math prep will go a LONG way!

ACT Prep Success Story

An 11th grader, Teresa, enrolled at Mathnasium for our ACT Prep program. She visited twice a week for six months. She initially scored a 23 on the math portion of the ACT. We developed a customized ACT Learning Plan for Teresa, which focused on specific areas of need that would be assessed on the ACT Math Test. We recognized that Teresa needed help in Geometry, but a refresher on Algebra and Trigonometry would be really helpful as well.

Teresa continued to visit weekly and often took the ACT Practice test with us to see how she was growing. We were happy to see a score of 26 after three months, but knew Teresa still had room to grow. Finally, after 6 months at Mathnasium in our ACT Prep program, Teresa attended her final session and scored a 30 on the math portion of the ACT!!! We couldn't be more proud of Teresa and the amazing job she did with the help of our expert instructors. 

The best part was what Teresa told us afterwards: "The score I got was amazing and I would not have been able to go from a 23 to 30 as easily without the push from Mathnasium. I can now apply to all of my colleges with confidence! Thank you so much!"

Customized Learning Plan: Each student in our Mathnasium ACT Prep program receives an individualized learning plan to meet their specific needs. We will deliver a comprehensive ACT Skills Assessment to identify specifically which areas of math your child needs to focus on to master the ACT. As a student grows with us, their learning plan will also grow, as we continuously monitor their progress and give them an opportunity to show mastery. 

Practice ACT Tests: We provide our ACT Prep students with multiple opportunities to take the math portion of past ACT tests. We establish a baseline score and monitor their growth. After completing the practice ACT Test, we work through each incorrect answers with the student to ensure they fully understand the concept.

Expert Instructors: We have a diverse group of college students, teachers, math specialists, top HS students, and graduate students. Each instructor is specially trained in the Mathnasium Method to ensure top tier instruction is provided to every individual student.

Proven Results: We've worked with students from nearly every school in Lake Country and have proven ourselves as leaders in math education. Also, take a look at the amazing reviews left by our parents, as they've seen first hand what our program can do!

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