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Fun Ways to Celebrate Pi Day (3.14)

Mar 14, 2022 | Lake Country Blog

Why do we make such a big deal out of pi? Because pi is a big deal. This irrational number that begins with 3.14 and goes on forever helps us understand so much about our universe. We first learn about pi when measuring circles, but pi is also used to tal..

ACT Math Prep at Mathnasium of Lake Country

Nov 17, 2021 | Lake Country Blog

The ACT Test is taken by every high school student in the state of Wisconsin! It's a pretty big deal, especially for those looking to get into a good college. We offer a flexible ACT Prep program at Mathnasium of Lake Country. Each week you get two o..

Is your child proficient in math?

Nov 1, 2021 | Lake Country Blog

It’s no surprise the past 18 months have really taken a toll on our education system. In a recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, it stated that “39% of [Forward Exam] test-takers statewide were proficient in math, a 12% drop from 2019”.    Addi..