Is your child proficient in math?

Nov 1, 2021 | Lake Country

It’s no surprise the past 18 months have really taken a toll on our education system. In a recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, it stated that “39% of [Forward Exam] test-takers statewide were proficient in math, a 12% drop from 2019”. 


Additionally, schools are in the midst of sending out standardized test scores and we know this can spur a lot of questions at home. Between the Forward Exam, ACT, and MAP testing, there can be a lot of test data to analyze and try to understand. Although standardized tests aren’t the end all be all for your child’s education, they can be informative and often help guide decision making at school, especially for math course placement. 


Many families have chosen to partner with Mathnasium of Lake Country to ensure their child doesn’t slip through the cracks. While it’s tempting to use a “wait and see” approach, we advise families to be proactive in getting their child support before they start seeing grades slip and the learning gaps compound. As Fall MAP test results are being shared, they can be an indicator that Mathnasium of Lake Country would be helpful for your child to ensure they catch up, keep up or get ahead in math. 


Contact us today to see how Mathnasium of Lake Country can not only ensure your child is proficient in math, but also build your child’s confidence to excel the rest of this school year and beyond.