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Canada Johansen

Assistant Center Director
I have taken AP Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, and Linear Algebra. In high school, I was part of the robotics club and musical theater. I love to sing and act, and I perform often at Centerpoint Legacy Theatre in Centerville. I also love several types of dance, including ballet, contemporary, and aerial silks which I teach at Backstage Performing Arts. I am also a choreographer!

Fun Fact: I am half Canadian, and I love pink!

Favorite Number, why?: 16 because it's the age you have to be to get a driver's license!

Education: I started college at Utah State University where I did two years in their engineering program. I then switched to Western Governors University where I am currently finishing my degree in cybersecurity. I will be done by summer 2024!

Why I love Mathnasium: I like math! I think learning math helps you think in complex ways and it's more than just memorization. It's about solving problems which is an important life skill.

Caitlyn Nye

Lead Instructor
I took all the way up to AP Calculus in high school, and in college I've taken Calculus 2 and 3, Linear Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equations, Statstics 1 and 2, Foundations of Algebra, and Number Theory. I was in my high school's honor society, and I was president of my high school's Key Club (service club). I've also won a Calculus Award from Weber State for passing AP Calculus, and Calculus 2 and 3 all with an A. I absolutely love drawing! I'm getting a minor in illustration and hope to make graphic novels or children's books someday. I play the ukulele, and I love reading anything from fantasy to rom-com to realistic fiction. I also like to play Minecraft and Fortnite with my siblings.

Fun Fact: I love rollercoasters!

Favorite Number, why?: My favorite number is 2. I was born on the second, I'm the second child, and I think it's so cool that 2 is the only even prime. It's so special.

Education: I'm currently attending Weber State University and pursuing my Bachelors in Secondary Math Education. I'm in my second year. I graduated high school with my Associates in general studies.

Why I love Mathnasium: I love helping others learn and seeing the spark of joy that comes from solving and understanding tricky problems. I struggled with math when I was younger, but a high school teacher turned it all around for me. I want to give that joy of learning to others.

Andy Mosley

Lead Instructor
Andy has taken algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calc I, calc I, calc III, and math modeling. He plans to become a math teacher so he has many additional courses to take. Andy did Marching Band, Concert Band, All-State Choir, and Orchestra in high school. On his first go of college, he did band and choir. Andy privately tutors on occasion on any math subject. He is very active in his church, where he serves on the altar guild, sings in the choir, and helps to lead the morning prayer. He and his wife love to binge-watch shows on Netflix/Hulu/Peacock.

Fun Fact: When I was in college I was part of a concert choir that sang in Carnegie Hall in New York City. I also have played all over Europe as part of a musical tour.

Favorite Number: I like 9. I'm from Arizona and a HUGE Phoenix Suns fan. One of my favorite players who played for the Suns in the late 80's early 90's was a guy named Dan Majerle. I'd have to say he was one of my favorite players. He wore #9.

Education: I graduated from Arizona State University with 2 Bachelor's Degrees (Accounting and Information Systems) in 2000. In 2001, I stayed at Arizona State and got a Master's in Information Management. Right now, I'm going to Western Governor's University to get a Bachelor's in Education with an emphasis in Secondary Math so I can be a high school math teacher.

Why I love Mathnasium: I believe it was my calling to become a teacher and I always loved math. I enjoy helping others, especially seeing the looks on their faces whenever they understand a concept that they've been struggling with. I am getting a late start at this as I'm in my 40's, but I feel now is the time to pursue this calling.

Rin Houghton

I have taken Secondary Math 1 and 2. I am currently in Secondary Math 3. I am part of Game Club, where I play D&D, and am part of National Honors Society. I enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons, sewing, and baking.

Fun Fact: A fun fact about me is that I have a dog and a cat.

Favorite Number: My favorite number is square root of 2 because it is the first irrational number that I found on my own.

Education: I go to NUAMES and am currently a sophomore. I hope to earn my Associates Degree from Weber State in Computer Science.

Why I love Mathnasium: I like working at Mathnasium because Math is my favorite subject and I love helping others understand it better.

Caden Gomez

I have taken math classes through AP Calculus in high school and will be taking Calculus 2 this fall. I have participated in many school choirs, plays, and found a career path by dabbling in robotics and engineering. I graduated as a Valedictorian from Layton High School and served a mission in North Carolina. I love music and I play piano, guitar, and sing. I also enjoy acting, theatre, filmmaking, reading, playing with Legos, Minecraft, and spending time with my friends and family. In short, I love looking for the next adventure ahead of me.

Fun Fact: I sang in a choir for General Conference

Favorite Number, why?: 3, I have loved that number since before I can remember. I love it because it's an odd number but it always groups super well.

Education: I graduated as a Valedictorian from Layton High in 2021. I currently attend Weber State University as a sophomore with a major in Electrical Engineering.

Why I love Mathnasium: I've always enjoyed math and I love helping others see just how brilliant they are!

Amber Deamer

I have taken College level past Calculus 3, currently taking Probability and Statistics and Real Analysis. I was also a personal tutor for 3 years, a special education paraprofessional, and am currently a substitute teacher. I love teaching my cat tricks! He's leash/harness trained and loves giving high fives.

Fun Fact: I can play video games with my feet.

Favorite Number: Perfect numbers because they're numbers that are the sum of its own factors (other than itself). For example, 6 is a perfect number because its factors (other than itself) are 1, 2, and 3, and 1+2+3=6! Next it's 28 (1+2+4+7+14); 428; 8,128; then 33,550,336!

Education: Junior at Weber State University, I will be graduating in 2026 with a degree in Secondary Math Teaching. I graduated high school in 2016 with a 5 on the AP Calculus test!

Why I love Mathnasium: At Mathnasium, I get to teach math in ways that not only make sense, but are instinctual and effective. There's nothing more fun than working on a hard problem with a student and watching as they utilize the techniques they've learned to find an answer they're confident in.

Macy Smith

I have taken AP Calculus, CE physics, and Secondary Math 1 and 2. I was the girls tennis team captain and represented my school as 1st Varsity Singles in the State Tournament for the last 2 years! I love to play both the flute and piano and was awarded Instrumental Sterling Scholar! I love anything related to music or food! And I love just being outside- whether on a boat, in the mountains, playing sports, or anything! Being in the sunshine and with my family brings me so much joy!

Fun Fact: I can juggle while riding a unicycle!

Favorite Number: I love the number 11. It’s always just been a favorite of mine!

Education: I’m a senior at Syracuse High School and will be attending Utah State University this fall.

Why I love Mathnasium: I love talking to kids one-on-one and helping them overcome challenges they face in math!

Kassidy Shumway

Regional Operations Director
Kassidy Shumway grew up in Bountiful, Utah and graduated from Brigham Young University in 2011. While at BYU, Kassidy earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Civil Engineering, was a TA in the math department, and also found time to be an All-American and a team captain and member of the BYU Women's Soccer Team. Kassidy has many years of experience coaching children of all ages in soccer. She has been helping students at Mathnasium since January 2013. Kassidy and her husband have two kids and two active dogs.

Fun Fact: Is in a video on YouTube with over 6 million views

Education:Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from BYU

Why I love Mathnasium: I love helping kids realize that math can be fun. My favorite part of my job is going into elementary schools and putting on Math Nights. Laughing and having fun with kids while we do math is so rewarding!

Reed Brown

Reed has always loved math and enjoys helping kids learn to love math and how to use math in their daily lives. Reed earned a BS of Electrical Engineering degree from Brigham Young University and a Masters of Business Administration degree at Boise State University. Reed has spent over 25 years as a successful engineering and operations executive at Hewlett Packard, Quantum, and Iomega. In 2004, he decided to test his entrepreneurial skills and created Matchbin (now Radiate Media), a successful internet software company. Over the last 10 years, Reed has been active in the Utah technology community. As a member of the Governor's Technology Initiative Advisory Board for the State of Utah, he has helped to grow funding for engineering programs at Utah Universities and Colleges. Reed and his team is committed to helping children grow their interest and confidence in math and prepare them for a successful college education and career in technology, business, finance, medical, manufacturing, science, biology, or other fields that require strong math skills.

Fun Fact: Decided to become an Electrical Engineer because of 8th grade shop project making a DC motor

Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from BYU and Masters of Business Administration degree from Boise State University

Liz Olsen

Regional Director

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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