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Center Director
Ryan graduated from Penn State University-Main Campus with a major in Applied Statistics and a minor in Economics. He would like to eventually get into the field of Data Analytics. He was hired as an instructor in November of 2022 and promoted to Center Director in May of 2023. Math has always been his favorite subject in school, and he finds it fascinating how numbers can be used to tell stories and forecast the future. In his free time, Ryan enjoys watching and playing sports, especially basketball. “I love working at a business where I can help shape the youth and teach them invaluable skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. It is so rewarding to watch a child learn to love math when they once hated it.”


Salma graduated from West Perry High School in 2021. Prior to graduating high school, Salma was a student at Mathnasium! She is currently pursuing a degree in Energy Business and Finance at Penn State University, Main Campus. When asked why she wanted to become an instructor she said, “I remember when I was a student here and the instructors really took the time to help me understand the concepts. I want to be able to do that for kids now.” Outside of Mathnasium, Salma enjoys playing softball, traveling, playing with her three cats, and gardening.


TJ is a Freshman at Harrisburg University where he studies Engineering and Math Sciences. He is involved in karate, theatre, and leads a D&D campaign. In his free time, TJ enjoys playing videogames (skyroom) and art. His favorite medium is drawing and he enjoys drawing landscapes the most. “I enjoy working here because I want to help the future generation.”


Abby earned her Bachelor of Arts in December from Shippensburg University where she majored in Psychology and minored in Mathematics and Disability Studies. She plans on pursuing a Masters in Clinical Psychology after taking a gap year. In her free time, Abby enjoys crafting, reading, baking, and cuddling her guinea pig Percy (named after Percy Jackson). She loves reading anything about ancient mythologies, cultures, and civilizations as well as DC and Marvel Comics. Currently, Abby is making her way through Homer's Illiad. “My favorite thing about tutoring is when a student has that Eureka! moment and you see the light go on in their eyes. I love feeling that wave of pride that washes over them when they finally understand a topic they’ve been struggling with.”


Hamza is a Junior at Cumberland Valley High School and would like to study Computer Science at Boston University. He is a member of the CV Technology Student Association and participates in extracurricular activities about Cybersecurity; he is currently taking a Computer Science course offered by Harvard University. Hamza enjoys watching horror movies, video gaming, and computer programming. His favorite video game to play is Super Mario Smash Bros. “I enjoy the teaching aspect and getting to understand why people hate math… the stigma around it”


Steven is a junior at Penn State University - Main Campus studying Mathematics and Secondary Education. Steven also finds an interest in fields of applied mathematics, such as physics, chemistry, and computer science, along with climbing things at any opportunity he finds. “Math gives kids an introduction to critical thinking and the ability to solve puzzles and challenges they may not have ever seen before. I think it’s important to equip students with the tools needed to methodically approach all problems.”


Owen is a Sophomore at La Salle University in Philadelphia where he studies Biochemistry. Owen is a member of the university’s Chymian Society (a chemistry club), greenhouse club, and ΣΦΕ (Sigma Phi Epsilon) chapter. When he has down time, Owen enjoys reading and poetry. He’ll read just about anything (mostly for school) and loves poets Walt Whitman and Robert Frost. His favorite poem by Frost is The Road Not Taken. “I like seeing students get results and learn and apply that in school. It is a rewarding part of the job.”


Etti will be attending PSU Global Campus in the fall. Etti works as a server as well as a math tutor. He started tutoring math at Hagerstown Community College before joining Mathnasium. “Best experience, is when a student is struggling with a concept, and then gets that Ah-ha moment and really enjoys math and it's applications.”


Nandhini is a Sophomore at Cumberland Valley High School and would like to study Business and Music. She is a member of the Future Business Leaders of America and Orchestra. She plays the piano and viola and she will be playing the viola in the PA Musical Educators Association. Nandhini is a lover of music and spends her free time playing her instruments. Her favorite composer is Chopin and she has a disdain for Mozart because she feels his music is predictable and overrated. “I like it when I’m able to help kids understand the concept they previously didn’t understand; when it clicks for them.”


Evan is a Junior at Camp Hill High School and is interested in possibly studying finance. Evan is a member of his school’s soccer team and when he is not at practice he enjoys playing video games (his favorite is Dark Souls) as well as hanging out with his friends and playing pick-up basketball and soccer. Evan was a student before he became an instructor and described the environment as “friendly and helpful.” “The great employees made me want to join the Mathnasium team as well.”


Angel is a Senior at Cedarcliffe High School and is dual enrolled at Harrisburg University where he is an early-entry Freshman majoring in Computer Science. He is not currently involved in any extracurricular activities as he is focusing on his studies. When he does have free time, Angel enjoys listening to music (especially Kendrick Lamar). Angel is also interested in men’s fashion and streetwear trends. “I like the environment and helping children progress and grow; it gives a sense of meaning.”


Luke is a Senior at Cumberland Valley High School and will be attending Penn State Harrisburg majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Business. When he is not working, Luke enjoys rock climbing and playing guitar and banjo. He is a big fan of classic rock and loves David Bowie and Elton John. His favorite songs are Bowie’s Moon Age Day Dream and John’s Mad Man Across the Water. “I’ve always liked Math and I like giving kids the opportunity to learn about it as well.”


Kavish is a Freshman at Cumberland Valley High School and thinks he might like to pursue a career in medicine. He is a member of the Technology Student Association and Future Business Leaders of America. When he has free time, Kavish enjoys hanging out with friends, playing basketball, and video gaming (he enjoys Madden NFL). “I like helping kids learn math; I feel like helping people learn math is important, sharing the wealth of math.”


Akash is a Senior at Cumberland Valley High School and would like to study Computer Science at Penn State University. He participates in Science Olympiad and Robotics and enjoys playing basketball and his cello during his spare time. Akash’s favorite composer is Niccolò Paganini. “I enjoy talking to the kids and getting to know more about them.”


Aayushi is a Senior at Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School and will be attending Duquesne University where she will be studying Pre-Pharmacy. She is a member of the orchestra and has been playing the viola for almost ten years. When she is not working, Aayushi likes to enjoy her free time by reading and listening to music. She is a fan of folk and pop music and enjoys classic literature. Her favorite classic is Charles Dicken’s A Tale of Two Cities. “I love working with kids. It's nice seeing different personalities. You never know what you're going to get and you meet a new personality every day.”


Jason is a Junior at Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School. While he is interested in studying Bio-Chem, he is undecided about where he would like to attend. He is a member of Quiz Bowl and German Club and is on the Track and Field team (he competes in pole vaulting and runs 200m sprints). In his spare time, Jason enjoys reading fantasy and classics (especially Kurt Vonnegut). His favorite book is Alexandre Dumas and Auguste Maquet’s The Count of Monte Cristo. “I like helping kids understand math and when you see the Ah-Ha moment.”


Youkta is a Junior at Cumberland Valley High School and plans on attending Penn State University to study either Business or to be an Actuary. He plays Basketball, Soccer, and is a member of the Pickleball Club and FFA. During his spare time, Youkta enjoys playing outside, hanging out with his friends, and doing “just normal stuff.” “I like the work environment. The other instructors and students are very nice.”


Sahana is a Freshman at Cumberland Valley High School. She participates in synchronized swimming and enjoys reading in her free time. Her favorite series include Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Hunger Games. Sahana loves the new Percy Jackson television series and has fallen back in love with Percy because of it. “I love meeting and helping all the little kids!”


Neil is a Freshman at Cumberland Valley High School interested in pursuing higher education in Engineering. He is involved in Science Olympiad and enjoys coding, playing soccer, and playing video games when he has spare time. His favorite video game is Jedi Fallen Order. “It’s fun. I get to teach people; it’s a cool experience.”


Sam is a Sophomore at Camp Hill High School. He is a member of the Soccer, Track and Field (he runs long distance), and Biking teams. Sam also participates in Quiz Bowl and Math Competitions. In his spare time, Sam plays on a club soccer team and enjoys skiing and reading (his favorite book is Pet Cemetary by Stephen King). “Math is the best subject in school and the kids are cool.”


Amogh is a Sophomore at Cumberland Valley High School and would like to study finance at possibly Penn State University. He is a member of the Future Business Leaders of America and participates in Investment competitions. In his spare time, Amogh enjoys listening to podcasts. “I like being able to help students solve problems and helping them gain multiple ways to approach problems.”


Victor graduated from Cedarcliffe in 2023 and will be attending Messiah University in the fall to study Biomedical Engineering. Victor enjoys playing basketball and volleyball (beach volleyball during the summer) and likes to go to the gym and on runs in his spare time. “There’s not a single dull moment with the students and I enjoy the human interaction.”


Ben graduated from West Milford High School in 2011. Before graduating, he participated in several math competitions as part of the Mu Alpha Theta math league. He has always been fascinated with numbers, and how they describe the world. He has a passion for teaching, often coaching his fellow students during after school programs. In his free time, Ben enjoys reading fantasy novels, and strategy board games. “One of my favorite things is the moment when a student’s eyes light up as they suddenly understand something they’d struggled with before.”


Alex is a Millersville University student majoring in math in his 3rd year. He is a member of Math club and Coding club at Millersville. In his free time, Alex enjoys going for walks, playing video games, meditation, and playing with his 3 cats! Alex is working at Mathnasium to foster confidence and a love for math in the students that attend Mathnasium.


Sahith will be a Junior at Cumberland Valley High School and would like to study medicine in the future. He has played saxophone for 7 years and is a part of the school band. His favorite saxophone player is jazz musician Charlie Parker. In his free time, Sahith enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, and playing basketball.

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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