Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.

Reed Brown

Reed has always loved math and enjoys helping kids learn to love math and how to use math in their daily lives. Reed earned a BS of Electrical Engineering degree from Brigham Young University and a Masters of Business Administration degree at Boise State University. Reed has spent over 25 years as a successful engineering and operations executive at Hewlett Packard, Quantum, and Iomega. In 2004, he decided to test his entrepreneurial skills and created Matchbin (now Radiate Media), a successful internet software company. Over the last 10 years, Reed has been active in the Utah technology community. As a member of the Governor's Technology Initiative Advisory Board for the State of Utah, he has helped to grow funding for engineering programs at Utah Universities and Colleges. Reed and his team is committed to helping children grow their interest and confidence in math and prepare them for a successful college education and career in technology, business, finance, medical, manufacturing, science, biology, or other fields that require strong math skills.

Fun Fact: I decided to become an Electrical Engineer because of 8th-grade shop project making a DC motor

Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from BYU and Masters of Business Administration degree from Boise State University

Dawn Kissler

Assistant Center Director
Dawn has been with Mathnasium from 2018 - 2020, took a break due to the pandemic and safety of her second child and then returned in 2022 to the present. Prior to working at Mathnasium, Dawn taught high school math in Colorado for 6 years and 1 year of middle school also in Colorado. She taught Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and a specialized class called Math Lab to assist students in a more 1-on-1 style of math education. Dawn moved back to Boise, where she grew up, in 2017 with her husband and first son. Dawn enjoyed teaching math but wanted a bit more flexibility to be at home and watch her son grow up. After speaking briefly with Dan, she knew that Dan and her standards and ideals of math education were inline with one another and was very excited to begin working at Mathnasium.

Fun Fact: Dawn has dual citizenship in the United States and New Zealand.

Favorite Number: 12 - is her favorite number, which has always been her athletic number.

Education: Dawn earned her Bachelors of Science in Mathematics at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. She concurrently completed her secondary education teaching license.

Why I Love Mathnasium: This is a program that can be successful for any child! Through the assessment process, we can meet each child exactly where they are at and build up their skills from there. This in turn builds up their confidence in not only in their math skills but also confidence in themselves. Mathnasium creates an individualized plan for each student which ensures each student gets exactly what they need to be successful.

Joseph Bezemek

Assistant Center Director
Previously an instructor at the Mathnasium in Tracy, California, Joseph transferred to our center at the end of 2018. He quickly became an invaluable member of the team for his dedication and knowledge, rising through the ranks and eventually becoming our online director, as the online director Joseph is the head of our Mathnasium@Home program helping students from all over the state and the world! He’s an aspiring teacher and is pursuing degrees in mathematics and physics. Joseph has a love of learning and working with his hands and enjoys figuring out how things work, making him the go-to instructor for students working on rigorous math problems, odd jobs around the center, and for our team when we have problems with our computers - and occasionally our cars!

Fun Fact: I am the tallest person in the recorded history of my family

Favorite number: 3,435. The Münchhausen number, the only number not equal to 1 satisfying the property of being the sum of each digit raised to each digit’s power 33+44+55+33=3435. There is a second contender: 438,579,088, but that relies on 00 being equal to 0 which it definitely does not.

Education: I graduated from John C. Kimball high school in Tracy California before starting my higher education at the nearby Delta College. I transferred to Idaho and to CWI and then on to BSU, where I finished my degrees in mathematics and physics

Why I love Mathnasium: It works! The way we can assess our students and structure a learning plan to start from the ground up building complete mastery along the way and never missing a step is so simple you’re surprised no one thought of it sooner. No one starts climbing a mountain at the top, or where their peers have already made it to. You start right where you are, walking at your own pace, and step by step you make it.

Amy Chen

Lead Instructor
Born in Nampa and raised in Boise, Amy Chen has experienced Mathnasium as both a student and instructor. Over the course of her four year enrollment, she excelled in our program and was subsequently hired as an instructor due to her incredible growth and encompassing knowledge of math. She has now been working as an instructor with online and in center students for over a year. Amy is a senior at Centennial High School after graduation she plans to enroll at BSU majoring in Biology. In Amy’s free time, she enjoys trying out new recipes, watching movies, and playing with her two adorable kitties, Boba and Nana..

Fun fact: I can speak 3 different dialects in Chinese: Cantonese, Mandarin, and Taishanese.

Favorite number: My favorite number is 9. My birthday is on the 19th but I thought it was too long so I picked the second number.

Education: Algebra 1&2, Geometry, Integrated Math 1,2&3, and Pre-Calc

Why I love Mathnasium: When I was a student, I enjoyed learning new ways to solve math problems, and Mathnasium made it easier for me to think critically about those methods, eventually teaching me the most effective ways. As an instructor, I genuinely love my team and the eager students who come here to learn.

Kassandra Karel

Lead Instructor
Known by her friends and peers as KK, was born and raised in Meridian. She is a junior at Compass Honors High School with a 4.8 GPA. KK participates in the National Honors Society, Sources of Strength, basketball, and cross country for Compass. She has been an instructor with Mathnasium for a couple of months. Prior to Mathnasium, KK assisted in tutoring young children at a daycare during COVID-19. This was only the beginning of her teaching spree. From there she tutored at her own school, helping in all subjects. Time prevented her from continuing tutoring, but once she heard about being an instructor, she couldn’t help herself and applied for the position at Mathnasium. She brings her previous experience into her instructing style, knowing how important it is to be reliable and supportive to truly build an understanding, and welcoming environment. In her free time KK enjoys being active, watching movies, playing video games, and hanging out with her friends!

Fun Fact: I am a huge comic book nerd! I don’t discriminate and will read anything from DC to Marvel, or anything in between! My walls are decked out in various comic book scenes and posters that I’ve collected!

Favorite Number: 15 – It’s been my number in every sport for quite a while, and it can’t go wrong!

Education: I am currently a junior at Compass Honors High School, and I am taking College Prep Math.

Why I Love Mathnasium: I struggled with math when I was little, and I wish I had Mathnasium as a resource! Personalized education makes such a difference and is extremely important, especially in reaching full understanding.

An Klinkenberg

Lead Instructor
An was born and raised in the cloudy forests of Western Washington and moved to Boise, ID in 2018 to attend college and get more sunshine. She has always been passionate about math and happy to spread the love and try to help others around her. She started her Mathnasium journey in the Redmond, WA center before leaving because she was lucky enough to assist with a mixed 7th/8th grade algebra class at a private school during the height of the pandemic, which is what finally led her to realize her passion for teaching. She moved back to Idaho and joined the Meridian Mathnasium team in the summer of 2021 and has been happily helping kids increase their math confidence since! When she is not completing math problems for fun, she might be reading, hiking, or watching a movie.

Fun Fact: An has five younger siblings, and frequently receives phone calls from them asking for math homework help

Favorite Number: 8 or any number with 8 in it - for no good reason, it just always has been!

Education: An is currently attending Boise State University, earning an Applied Mathematics degree and a Math Teaching Endorsement minor.

Why I Love Mathnasium: As someone who likes math in all forms, I think Mathnasium is one of the best. The curated curriculum helps each student build critical foundations to ensure that they don’t get lost or left behind in any future mathematical ventures they participate in. I love our methods and strategies and truly believe that they can help any student fill any gaps they might have missed in their math education. We are also always trying to give our students the most enjoyable experience possible, with many fun activities to break up the routine and give them things to look forward to. It’s my honor to be a small part of each student’s Mathnasium journey.

Eric Johnson

Eric grew up in California with two brothers and five sisters. He spent two years on a mission trip to Colorado Springs, then attended California Polytechnic State University studying Aerospace Engineering. At Cal Poly, his senior project won runner up and he was invited to present at Northrup Grumman. Eric loves teaching and helping others. During college, he served as a teacher assistant and group leader hosting and teaching English to international students. He came to live in Meridian, Idaho to be with family and to find a job teaching and helping others.

Fun Fact: I am from a family of 8 kids.

Education: Studied Aerospace Engineering in college.

Why I love Mathnasium: I love that Mathnasium organizes math in a way that is easy to understand. It organizes the steps and process of math and I have seen amazing growth in kids because of it!

Kennedy Reese

I have taken Integrated Math 1,2, and 3, and I am currently taking College Pre-Calculus. I am currently a member of NHS (National honors Society), HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), and the leadership committee for my school. I have played varsity volleyball at compass for 2 years. One of my favorite events I participated in was decorating my schools homecoming. One of my favorite hobbies is reading, I almost always have a book with me. I also love photography, art, doing puzzles, playing games, and spending time with my friends and family.

Fun Fact: I love to travel! I have lived in Idaho my entire life so traveling to somewhere new has always excited me.

Favorite Number: My favorite number is 10 for three reasons: my birthday is 7/3 and 7+3=10, it’s my lucky volleyball jersey number, and it was my moms volleyball jersey number.

Education: I am currently a Junior at Compass Honors High School. I will graduate highschool with my General Education Certificate through CWI.

Why I love Mathnasium: I love math! It has always been my favorite subject in school but I understand the struggle that can come with it. Helping students not only understand, but also find the fun in math is my goal, and mathnasium does an amazing job at doing just that.

Brooklyn Wolcott

I have taken several college classes. I have taken college math three which includes algebra and trig and have take college calculus. I have participated in cross country and track! I also am in national honors society and enjoy doing service in my community! I learned about Mathnasium through volunteering at an elementary school stem activity! I loved the idea of teaching math to kids and the experience I had working with the kids at the stem activity! I love to run and get out side which is why I participate in track and cross country! I also love to do art and enjoy painting.

Fun Fact: I have been in a commercial with a WMBA basketball celebrity!

Favorite Number: 20, because it my favorite basketball players number and the number me and my sisters pick for sports!

Education: I am currently going to Mountain View highschool! I am a junior and excited to graduate 2025 and go to college. I hope to major in biology and one day be a geneticist.

Why I love Mathnasium: I love to work with kids and see them understanding math. It is rewarding once they understand the math and are excited about it!

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor

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